Data Transforms Finance, Quants Rise


Date: Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm

Venue: The Hangar, 21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Level 1 Unit #01-01/02

Cost: S$10 (Refreshments will be provided)

Quants, the rocket scientists of finance industry, are people who not only understand the complex mathematical models that price securities, but are also able to enhance them to generate profits and reduce risk. As financial securities become increasingly complex, demand has grown steadily for quants.

Recently, with the cost of acquiring data increasingly reduced, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced concepts are more and more utilized by quants to achieve higher efficiency, better accuracy, and lower risk.

You may have read the news that Goldman Sachs invests deeply in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help them move to a better degree of data-driven business. In 2000, Goldman Sachs’s New York headquarters employed 600 traders at its cash equities trading desk, today there are just 2 equity traders left. Automated trading programs have taken over the rest of the work, supported by 200 computer engineers.

Goldman Sachs is not alone. JP Morgan also invests in big-data applications. In addition, machine learning, big data, robo-advisers are going to become part of the CFA exams from 2019.

It is said, software that works on Wall Street is changing how business is done and who profits from it.

All these indicates an obvious signal that, Data Is Transforming Finance.

If anything below catches your attention:

-Curious about the career as a quant;

-Have the background of mathematics, physics, programming, quantitative finance, financial engineering, and etc.;

-Hope to apply your quantitative skill and mindset into everyday work;

-Enjoy working with some of the most brilliant category of people all over the world;

-Ambitious in converting your efforts into immediate values for the society and economics,

then, this afternoon is for you!

Three brilliant quants are invited to share their insights and experiences as a quant in top organizations. The topics range from career path of quants to sophisticated knowledge and learning progress in this field. There is also Q&A and networking sessions, which is a valuable chance for you to explore more of this industry!


13:30-14:00 Registration

14:00-14:20 Landscape of Data Analytics by Aislinn

14:20-14:50 The Path to Quant by Dr. Hu Jun

14:50-15:20 From Software Engineer to Data Scientist in Finance by Xie Guangzhi (Frank)

15:20-15:40 Tea Break (Refreshments provided)

15:40-16:40 P-Quant, Q-Quant, R-Quant by Wang Shengyuan (Steven)

16:40-17:00 Networking


Dr. Hu Jun has a solid background in machine learning and strong motivation to apply it to financial problems. He has PhD degree in Computational Neuroscience and two years’ work experience in developing learning algorithms and computational models and hands-on experience in numerical simulations. He also holds Master degree in Financial Engineering from NTU. He is currently with DBS as an eFX quant and working on trading strategies.

Xie Guangzhi (Frank) has four years of professional experience working in financial industry. He currently leads a data science team in Southeast Asia’s most funded fintech company, focusing on applying machine learning to manage FX risks and develop pricing strategy for FX products. He has strong background in deep learning and NLP, and holds a master degree in Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley.

Wang Shengyuan (Steven) is a Quant-mania, passionate about everything quantitative, currently working as a Director in Octagon Advisors. Steven graduated from NUS, holding a Quantitative Finance degree and a master degree in Financial Mathematics. Steven has passed the exams in CAIA and FRM, and has more than ten years’ experience in pricing of financial derivatives and risk managements. Steven manages a wechat public platform account in which he transferred knowledge of Machine Learning, Financial Engineering and Quantitative Investing.

Moderated By

Aislinn, Founder of DataPlayer

Aislinn, 7 years experience in business data analytics, passionate about data visualization and storytelling, an active tech community builder with strong motivation to empower more people to be data driven thinkers.

Organized by DataPlayer —— A data analytics community to transform data lovers to become industry data professionals

Venue Sponsored by THE HANGAR

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Sun Oct 8, 2017
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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