Comedic Improvisation (Introduction): 8 November, 2017 — 24 November, 2017


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Comedic Improvisation (Introduction)
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
730pm to 1030pm
$400.00 (Sign-up before 2 Oct for 20% early bird discount)

Public Showcase:
Fri 24 Nov, 8pm to 930pm
89A Desker Road, Singapore 209611

Who is this workshop for?
Everyone. We welcome both actors and non-actors with an interest in performing arts / improvisation / storytelling.
This workshop is open to anyone from all backgrounds.
Minimum age for admission is 16 and above.


How does Improv help in my life or work?
Read this Forbes article on how improvisation training help people in work and communication.
Read this article on how improvisation could just change your perspective.

About this workshop

With a focus on short form storytelling, the purpose of this course is to make the students proficient in the art of improvising short scenes as played in an improv match.

Every lesson will be structured in three parts :

  • A brief introduction of the concepts that will be studied and what will be expected of the students in each exercise.
  • Warm-Up
  • Exercises – most of which will be systematically debriefed.

The course is essentially focused on Robert Gravel’s match format, Keith Johnstone style of improv and on understanding the codes of genres. The match format is both extremely fun and full of learnings. This format will teach the students how to avoid fear mechanisms and killing a story. The genres that will be explored include : action, drama, romantic comedy, spy movie, absurd theatre, Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare, etc.

Through the study of the match games, you will be able to understand the focus of any game and how to make it interesting for the audience. Also, the tremendous advantage of the match format is that it creates a team spirit. By the end of the course, the improvisers will be completely able to play a match in front of an audience which will be the final result of the course. Improvisers will be able to act both as a player or as the referee.

After the 8 weeks, competitive improv match team(s) will be formed, ready to take the stage.

Each semester culminates in a showcase of skills for the public.
Participants will be paid a percentage of the box office to incentivise professional work.

Do I get a discount?
Please refer to our early bird promotions.

Payment plans are available! Details here.

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***Workshop Sign-up Link***

Wed Nov 8, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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89A Desker Road, Singapore 209611
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89A Desker Road, Singapore 209611 Singapore
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