SGEFF Track 3 Rise Up - Recycle Robots

Join Michael for a fun filled activity !

Come learn about robotics mixed with Art! His devices empower and translate closed systems into tangible medium; a flooding river is given a voice, a goldfish is at the mercy of a cocktail party, colors shine never visible... let your creativity take over and come explore new possibilitiues!

For this workshop, you will be making Trash Orchids.

In the modern metropolis, bees have in some cases settled for foraging through trash, collecting discarded candies and artificial sweeteners as a proxy for nectar. over the past 3 years Michael Candy (artist/maker) has been researching bees and their foraging patterns by building 'synthetic Pollinizers' - robotic flowers that capture images of bees in the wild and dowse them with real nectar and pollen.
Join Michael in an impromptu workshop on creating artificial flowers from discarded materials.

Byo trash (some provided)
Ages 13+

Seats are limited RSVP soon!
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Sun Sep 3, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Recycle Robots Workshop by Michael Candy FULL
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