Training to Heal- Breast Cancer with Enzyme Bath


乳ガンと戦う酵素風呂 英語版

Self-enlightenment course to gain the power to fight cancer treatment

When you become breast cancer, it is a terrible disease that you must use anti-cancer drug, hair goes out,breast resects, and your body and mind become Exhausted.

Not all pain of cancer treatment can be removed.

Compared to normal illness, it will be a long fight.

Some also give up on the way.

Even so, there are things you can do.

1- Diet therapy which eats only fruit and Vegetables.

Because cancer can not grow by nutrition of Ketone Body,so the life that takes only coconut oil , vegetables, and fruits.

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids.

Middle chain fatty acids make Ketone Body.

Cancer cells can not convert Ketone Body to energy.

When glucose is decreased and Ketone Body are increased, Cancer cells weaken.

2 -Warm body, Enzyme Bath therapy.

Cancer cells are said to be weaken at 39 degrees and die at 42 degrees.

If you can understand Japanese, on Japanese blogs, you can also see unbelievable stories such as cancer being cured.

We thoroughly do things scientifically based.

By doing so, cancer does not heal, but feelings will be positive.

In this training, I take an Enzyme Bath every morning and study from the afternoon.

Evening and night are free time.

Enzyme diet effective for cancer and its reasons.

We also think about reasons why fermented foods are good.

"Diet that cancer disappears" This is a book of experience that cancer has cured under the guidance of a doctor.

He survived from stage 4.

It is the purpose of reading such books, discussing with their colleagues, and getting the strength to fight together.

When a person with bad physical condition enters the Enzyme Bath, the temperature of the next day is lower about 3 degrees only in that place.

I think that the enzyme is dead.

The enzyme is said to die at about 50 degrees.

However, even at temperatures around 60 degrees, rice bran based enzymes are alive.

When the enzyme dies, the temperature of the Enzyme Bath does not rise, fermentation also changes, obviously the smell worsens.

The most important thing is to raise your body temperature and to weaken cancer cells.

People who become cancer, their temperature is low.

Pores are closed in ordinary bath.

Pores are open in the Enzyme Bath.

So, sweat is many and the temperature rises to the inside of the body.

For that reason, you can put in the Enzyme Bath even at 50-60 degrees

At the beginning of training, you will get Cancer Examination at ChiangMai hospital.

You will get it again at the end of the seminar.

Cancer examination fee is also included in training expenses.

Hotel fee, meal included.

You only need to come to ChiangMai Airport.

The other transfer fee is also included.

Cancer patients eat only raw vegetables and fruit smooths and fermented foods.

Those who are energetic can also do a little city sightseeing. (Own expense)

Training is not mandatory. You can choose by yourself's will.

Also, on a bad physical condition, it will not enter the Enzyme Bath.

The person accompanying it is 1200 $,who can participate in the training.

The meal cost includes breakfast only.

People who are energetic and can go abroad by airplane are eligible.

Anyone who accompanies you is fine.

It is also very important to stay with your family.

Family members also have plenty of time to talk to each other by going abroad.

After the training, additional 800 $, extension for 2 weeks

Instructor introduction



Enzyme consultant

Graduated from International Aromatherapy Academy

He practiced about the Enzyme Bath at Higashi Hiroshima in Japan, one of the birthplaces of the Enzyme Bath

He was involved in creating an enzyme fasting program

From Monday September 11 to Monday 14:00 - 7 days at the hospital until cancer diagnosis is finished

Sep 11 - Sep 17, 2017
[ Mon ] - [ Sun ]
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM ICT
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Cancer seat SOLD OUT 130,000.00 Bt
Family seat SOLD OUT 40,000.00 Bt
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26/33 M.3 Chiangmai-Lamphun road T.Nonghoi Chiangmai Thailand
Training to Heal- Breast Cancer with Enzyme Bath
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