Madden 18 Highest Rated Team!

We have a treat for you today. First of all bookmark our Madden 18 page as it will be the best place to buy MUT 18 coins online. But also the offensive player ratings for this year’s Madden are in and just down below we have the highest rated players for each offensive position.

OVR 99: Come on, you knew it had to be Tom Brady with Super Bowl rings than he has fingers, he was always going to be the highest rated QB in the game!
99 AWR
62 SPD
66 ACC
67 AGI
64 STR

OVR 97: As of right now Le’Veon Bell is the best running back in the league and with a OVR of 97 he is the top man.
91 AWR
90 SPD
93 ACC
95 AGI
77 STR

OVR 98: Julio Jones is one of a handful of highly rated wide receivers in this year’s Madden. His size, agility and skill just give him an edge over the likes of Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham JR.
99 AWR
94 SPD
92 ACC
95 AGI
78 STR

OVR 98: It had to be Gronkowski, one of the most dominate tight ends of the decade. He can pull any ball out of the air that comes his way and he is no slouch when it comes to putting a hit on someone!
93 AWR
83 SPD
88 ACC
85 AGI
85 STR

There are some very highly rated players in Madden 18 and with the game play being more skill based than ever before, we are very excited to see how well we match up against you guys online!

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