Beyond Awesome Kids Workshop - All Things Green + Beautiful


‘I do not like green eggs and ham! I do not like them, Sam-I- am.’

This famous quote comes from the children’s classic, Dr Seuss’ Green eggs and ham, which has enchanted children of all ages with its whimsical rhymes.

In this workshop, we celebrate all things green. We will read the well-known favourite, Dr Seuss’ Green eggs and Ham, and introduce students to basic rhymes. Students will get the chance to write their own poems as well.

We’ll also use our green thumbs and make our own cactus planters with tiny cactus seedlings and recycled glass containers that you’ll get to take home! Over the next few months, our students will nurture these cacti from tiny seedlings to full blown cacti which bud new ones.

Come join us for an evening of rhymes and nature; it’s spectacular, green fun!

This workshop is suitable for students aged 6 and up!

*These photos featuring the smiling pot planters are for demonstration purposes. The actual container for the cacti may vary on the workshop day itself.

This workshop is led by Tan Yi Han who is a Scientist with a passion for research and education. She majored in Molecular and Cell Biology, and graduated from NUS in 2016. Besides wet lab research, she has taught undergraduate students about biology and scientific writing. Yi Han has been a WorldChangeAgent with Blessings in a Bag since 2012 and is interested in science communication.

About Beyond Awesome: While we are aware of the increasing pressure of students to perform well academically in Singapore, we believe it is not everything. Our definition of success is to see each student's emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence and compassion for others be developed throughout our program offerings and to ensure that compassion + empathy are the DNA of every class we run.

There is no such thing as a 'quiet classroom' at our headquarters as we believe learning takes place through communication amongst peers, collaboration and learn-by-doing (and failing)! We run programs such as mindfulness, sport + wellness, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture + Math) and provide once in a lifetime opportunities for our students to personally visit inspiring, innovative, big-name corporates and brands like Twitter.

At Beyond Awesome, students explore the world around them and discover friendships and their potential in life. Our program goals are to nurture and develop each student in our care, so that they leave with the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to be a world-ready individual in today's fast changing era. We combine uniquely big opportunities through offerings such as our 'JalanJalan' experiences with personalised care and individual attention.

Low-opportunity students attend our sessions at no cost, many of whom these opportunities would not be accessible given their families financial background.

Thu Sep 14, 2017
7:15 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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