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  • 力士たちの、場所前で練習にスパートがかかった本気のぶつかり合いが見られる
  • 幕内力士をはじめ、高いレベルの朝稽古を見ることが出来る
  • 真剣な稽古見学の後は、若手力士が作る美味しいちゃんこを食べることが出来る


月30(水) 8:30-12:00  定員:25
  2017年9月2(土) 8:30-12:00  定員:25
  2017年9月6(水) 8:30-12:00  定員:25

  • 8:45  清澄白河駅集合・受付 
  • 9:00-10:30 相撲部屋朝稽古見学
  • -12:00 ちゃんこ体験@相撲部屋
  • 12:00 解散
  • 9:15 清澄白河駅集合・受付
  • 9:30-10:30 相撲部屋朝稽古見学
  • -12:00 ちゃんこ体験@相撲部屋
  • 12:00 解散




  • 稽古の妨げとならないよう、当日お伝えする部屋のルールに従ってください。従っていただけない場合退場いただきます。
  • 当ツアーは、年齢制限はありませんが、稽古の妨げになる場合は一時退室いただくことがございます。
  • 諸事情によりスケジュール・時間が変更となる場合があります。
  • カメラ撮影は、音のならないカメラでお願いします。当日の状況により変更になる場合がございます。また、撮影した画像・動画のインターネット上への公開は固くご遠慮頂きます。
  • 駐車場はございませんので、公共交通機関をご利用下さい。
  • 基本的にキャンセルは受け付けておりませんのでご了承ください。
Japan Wonder Travel offers opportunity to “Watch the Sumo morning training” at the Sumo Stable. The training will be exciting and thrilling as the wrestlers aiming at the grand tournament in May. Also, eat Chanko Hot Pot that is the traditional energy food of the Sumo wrestlers. The stable’s trainee Sumo wrestlers cook and serve the meal.

Sumo is the traditional Japanese fighting sport. This unique sport has attracted both Japanese and foreign people. Last year, a Japanese wrestler became Yokozuna (top ranking wrestler) first in a last decade further accelerates its popularity. The tickets for the Sumo Grand tournament in September 2017 was sold out within 1 hour.

・ Watch exciting and thrilling training as the wrestlers aiming at the grand sumo tournament in May. The Makuuchi wrestlers who sit in the upper hierarchy will also attend the training.
・ Experience the food culture of Sumo wrestler. The Chanko Hot Pot is very popular food that helps building up the strong body of the wrestlers.

【Date】 30th August, Wednesday 2017
     2nd September, Saturday 2017
6th September, Wednesday 2017
*Maximum: 25 people per day

【Time table】
・Length of the practice watching time is different between 1st Group (90min) and 2nd Group (60min).
・The schedule is subject to change.

1st Group
8:45 Meet up at the Kiyosumi Shirakawa station and walk towards the stable
9:00-10:30 Watch the training and practice match
10:30-12:00 Eat Chanko Hot Pot
12:00 Tour End

2nd Group
9:15 Meet up at the Kiyosumi Shirakawa station and walk towards the stable
9:30-10:30 Watch the training and practice match
10:30-12:00 Eat Chanko Hot Pot
12:00 Tour End

■Tour Fee:13,000 yen (tax incl.)
-Incl. English speaking guide, entrance fee, Chanko fee
-NOT included. Other expence, Hotel pick up

■Please Note:
  • You have to be obedient and follow their house rules, and avoid disturbing their training sessions.
  • Sutter tone off your camera during the practice. Use the pictures and videos taken during the tour for only private.
  • This tour welcomes all ages unless the participants disturbing the training.
  • Car parking space is NOT available.
  • Anyone against the stable’s rules and orders would be asked to leave.
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