R Programming for beginners


The programming language ‘R’ is one of the two most important languages used by data scientists, statisticians as well as Predictive Analytics and Big Data Analytics practitioners. R is also regarded as one of the first data science programming language to learn.

Back by popular demand, this is our 2nd run of Programming with R for beginners.

About the Course:

Designed for newcomers to the language of R, this 2-day bootcamp covers the R ecosystem and core elements of the language, so you attain the foundations for becoming an R user. Topics include common tools for data import, manipulation, export and data visualising. If time allows, other topics will be covered: web scraping using R.

Through this course, you will learn:

- Basics syntax, most popular functions/libraries in R programming
- Regression and Basic Analytics in R
- A Statistics Refresher
- Visualising Data
- Web scraping with R (bonus task)

Course Syllabus


Part I. R language

· Basic Syntax

· Data Types

· Data Structures

· Arithmetic Operators

· Logical Operators

Part II Data Handling

· Input and Output

· Data Cleaning

· Make Function (Hands-on example)

· Built-in Function (Hands-on example)

Day 2

Part I. Regression Models

· Simple Linear Regression (Hands-on example)

· Multiple Linear Regression (Hands-on example)

· Logistic Linear Regression (Hands-on example)

Part II. Graphics

· Basic Visualization Functions

· Higher Level Package (eg ggplot2)

Part III. Web scape(bonus)

· Basic html/css

· Rvest (Hands-on example)

Who Should Attend:
Anyone keen to enter the field of Data Science. No programming background is required.

About Your Instructor
Pang Long graduated from NUS and is currently a research assistant at the NUS School of Public Health. A trained computational biologist and biostatistician, Pang Long uses R extensively for his healthcare related research.

Note: You need bring your own laptop, installation instruction will be provided after signup :)

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Sep 2 - Sep 3, 2017
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