Tibetan Mantra Healing Concert Singapore 2017

Tibetan Mantra Healing Concert Singapore 2017 Date: 2nd September 2017 Saturday Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm (doors open 7pm) Venue: The Arts House, Level 2, The Chamber Tickets: $28 General Admission $128 Event Sponsorship VIP Artiste: Drukmo Gyal Supporting Musicians: Wil Kolen- singing bowls, hand drum, guitar Francis Lim -guitar Organizer: ATTM Singapore (Association for Traditional Tibetan Medicine) a member of Sorig Khang International (SKI) Contact: email singapore@sorig.net Tel/SMS/Whatsapp: 8222 8484 Come! Hear the dakini Drukmo Gyal sing! We warmly invite you to an unforgettable evening. Sit and meditate for inner peace; Allow your body, mind and heart be healed; Empower and purify your immune system; Or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful sounds. Limited seats! Book now! Tibetan Mantra Healing is a powerful form of healing dating from ancient times. The mantras described here arise out of the ancient Tibetan medical and spiritual traditions. They are simple to use, profoundly effective, and are immediately accessible to everybody – regardless of age, gender, ethnic or spiritual background. Based on the philosophy of Interdependent Origination which purports that all phenomena in the Universe are intimately interconnected: no single object, person or event can exist in isolation; every action, thought or event impacts on all other existent phenomena. Through a greater awareness of Interdependent Origination, we can become co-creators of our own reality, and influence important aspects of our lives, such as our health. We can also use these methods to heal manifestations of energy disturbance such as accidental injury and disease. Modern physics confirms what many ancient cultures have known for many years - that energy and form are interchangeable; they are simply different manifestations of the same universal constituents. Traditional Tibetan Medicine describes these universal constituents, or potentialities, as the Five Elements. In their most subtle form, these Five Elements have a psycho-physical function which energises the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, as well as - in their more gross aspect - forming the basis of our physical existence. In order to interface with these subtle universal energies, Traditional Tibetan Medicine utilises the five modalities of sensory perception - and their objects, namely form, sound, touch, taste and smell - as a part of its therapeutic approach. Mantra Healing focuses specifically on the energy of sound as a healing medium. Tibetan Mantra Healing utilises ancient and secret mantras: sometimes encapsulating the essence of natural sounds, and often using ancient words from the Sanskrit and Tibetan languages.
Sat Sep 2, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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The Arts House
General Admission SOLD OUT $28.00
Event Sponsorship VIP SOLD OUT $128.00
Venue Address
1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429 Singapore
Sorig Khang Singapore- Association for Traditional Tibetan Medicine