Path Of Exile Fall Of Oriath Unique Items

Hey, guys, we want to say thanks to all of you who have looked at our POE currency special offers at the moment and are glad so many of you are realizing we are the best place to POE currency buy. But today we want to talk about the unique items that were added to Path Of Exile in the Fall Of Oriath expansion.

The reason we are doing this is that over at the Path Of Exile Forums the guys at Grinding Gear Games have just made a page where they list all 24 of the unique items that have been added to the Fall Of Oriath that we know about. What we find really interesting about this is that they say there is more in the game, but they have just not been found yet. We are huge fans of the unique items and know that some of you look for POE currency as a way to help you get them.

We particularly think the Despot Axe and the Sentinel Jacket are really cool when it comes to this batch of unique items. While we think it is pretty awesome that they have put them all in one place for us to look at, here at, our minds have been racing as to what other unique items could be in the game waiting to be found. The way they have worded things on this forum post is a little odd and some people are saying the 24 listed is them all, but we have heard there is more in the game to find!

What are some of your favorite unique items from this latest expansion? Also be sure to have a good look at our sale on POE currency where you can save yourself some big money!

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