Racism problems #1

This group is whoever finds living in Japan difficult for whatever reasons.The first objective of the group is to create a place for such people to communicate and share their own stories,in hope of also figuring out solutions for the common problems foreigners tend to face, when living for a long period of time in this country.Of course, this group is not just for foreigners, but also for the Japanese people who want to understand how to have a more enjoyable interaction with foreign future, so I would like to welcome them as well. But, what I would like for you to keep in mind is that FIRST OF ALL this is a place for learning. Because as Japan becomes more and more populated with foreigners, I would suggest that beginning to train the J-people how to make this a place where they*FOREIGNERS* can both come and stay, could make the difference between absolute confusion and joyful, easy-going international relationships when the Tokyo Olympic games come up. こんにちは、みなさんこのグループは主にどうやって外国人の皆さんといい関係木津いけるか。あるいは、外国人のニーズどうやって考えたら、この日本で長期間で生活できるかを検討していきたいと思っています。毎回私はテーマをじぶんで、あるいと皆さんと一緒に決めて、実際に外国人からどういう日常的な悩みあるかを聞いて、意見交換して、このグループを国際関係についての学び場所にしたいです。なぜかという東京オリンピックで日本が国際化されはじめて、これから外国人のこともいろいろな意味で、今からもっと知っていただかないと2020年になってから、もう遅いだと思います。そういうことにきょうみありましたら、皆さん誰でも大歓迎です!
Fri Aug 18, 2017
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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Yoyogi Park outdoor stage
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Japan, 〒150-0041 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, 渋谷区Jinnan, 2 Chome−2−3 Japan
Racism problems
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