♥ Valentines Special Day 2 ♥ Saturday Pub Crawl (Ladies free!)



Pub Crawl Valentines Special Day 2: Roppongi Pub Crawl!

Happy Valentine's Day! Grab your lover or come and find as we head out for a night in Tokyo on this bar crawling adventure. You'll have many chances to meet new people, have a chat, and see some new bars while enjoying Tokyo!

✔ Visit 4 bars/clubs in one night

50% men, 50% women. A mix of Japanese & Non-Japanese

Free drinks and prizes at each bar (details below)

✔ International party. English, 日本語, español, Svenska, Deutsch, français, português, العربية, italiano all OK :)

♥ This is a Valentine's Day Party! ♥


This is your night! Enjoy the free entry and other giveaways (just for ladies) throughout the evening. Please wear something *pink* or *red*.


Bring flowers for a ¥500 discount at the door! A gentleman is always appreciated.

This isn't a matchmaking event, its a bar crawl. You don't have to be single. But as usual, most people are single (and ready to mingle!)


Pub Crawl Handbook

Bar 1 (6:30pm ~ 7:45pm)

Usually a relaxed cafe or bar restaurant with space to mingle and sit down. Good environment for talking and getting to know each other. We will be doing a mixer/icebreaker here, so get ready to mingle! For those who are really thirsty, small group drinking games will be held. Food is available for purchase.

Bar 2 (7:45pm ~ 8:45pm)

We try to heat things up a bit at the second bar, with a little more music and exciting feel. You'll have plenty of chances to get to know your fellow pub crawlers even more, as we kick-off our games and activities. Hint: Hangout near the DJ booth for a head start on free drink contests.

Bar 3 (8:50pm ~ 10:15pm)

By now, the crowd has loosened up and inhibitions are flying out the window! At the 3rd bar, you'll have space to dance and the music will be bumpin'. If need be, finding a table to sit down and chat shouldn't be a problem. The games and contests continue here, so best to follow the crowd if you're looking to get in on the action.

Bar 4 (10:20pm ~ close)

If you haven't found yourself on the dance floor by now, you'll be hard pressed not to do so at Bar 4. Actually, this place will be more like a club. And why not? You've had plenty of time to find your friends and forge some new relationships (or strengthen existing ones?) on your mini-adventure around Tokyo. Nothing left to do than party the night away.

NOTE: Although you're free to stay at the club as long as you'd like, the Tokyo pub crawl officially ends at 11:30pm, providing you plenty of time to catch your last train. If you have any questions about train schedules, ask the pub crawl staff.


Pub Crawlers Receive:

• Free welcome shots at each bar. (4 free shots)
• Drink discounts at each bar - GREAT deals guaranteed
Sample delicious craft beers at the brew pub
• No additional cover charges at any bars or clubs










First Time Crawlers (初めてですか?)

A pub crawl is basically a "bar tour" or "bar-hopping." We will organize a group of people visit 4 different bars together, finishing at a club. It's easy way to meet people, chat in English, Japanese, or any other language, and of course there will be dancing and drinking.

Most of all, its fun and exciting, and a new way to experience Tokyo! Check out our photos on Facebook to get a good idea of what to expect:





---✄--- Check out this article in the Japan Times! ---✄---




• 18:30 ~ 19:15 Welcome shot #1 and kick off speech

• 19:45 ~ 20:45 Bar 2 and welcome shot #2

• 20:45 ~ 22:15 Bar/Club 3 and welcome shot #3

• 22:15 ~ 23:30 Bar/Club 4 and welcome shot #4

Pub crawl members can join or leave us at any time during the pub crawl!

These are approximate times.



Time/時間: 18:30から23:30まで

Place/場所: (Roppongi/六本木駅)

Guys/男性: ¥3000, Ladies/女性: FREE

• ¥500 discount for guys who bring flowers!

• Coming with a group? Discounts available (please ask)!

Since you already signed up here, you DON'T need to sign up via Facebook or the website, but you CAN buy tickets in advance to receive the special advanced discount.


Meeting Spot

Will be posted soon!


What can I do to help?
People ask this all the time and THANK YOU. Nothing makes us happier than making the pub crawl a success together. So if you wanna help, let us know. We might ask you to hold a sign, direct the traffic, hand out some shots, etc.

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Sat Feb 15, 2014
6:30 PM - 11:30 PM JST
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Tonight Bar Mania (2F)
Girls / 女性 FULL
Girls (2 day ticket, FRI 14th & SAT 15th) FULL
Guys / 男性 SOLD OUT ¥2,700
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