Be Your Own Superhero!


"I'm nothing without the suit" - Spiderman

Heroes aren't born, they are forged. And they don't become superheroes just because they are gifted.

Have you ever felt that there are more things waiting for you to achieve, to pursue and to commit for?

At some point in life we dreamt that we have the powers to change our lives, to change the world. However, sometimes life hits us, reality shapes us and we forgot about the inner strength we have and what is truly important for us.

What if you are able to reconnect back to the superhero within you and find the strength and courage back into your own life? What then would be possible for you?

Come and join us for a fun and experiential afternoon to reconnect to the superhero within you! Time to find back the courage and strength to live like a superhero!

Sun Aug 27, 2017
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM SGT
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Oxley Biz Hub
$15 per pax / $10 per pax if pay before 18 Aug FULL
Venue Address
Oxley Biz Hub Singapore
Wake Up Lah