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Doing Business in China (DBIC) program is a one-day program designed for business professional from global organizations who are interested in learning about China, finding a career in China, seeking partnerships or making an investment in China. The program aims to give an overview of doing business in China through teaching modules and cultural activities.


As China continues to play a prominent role in international business, understanding how to conduct business in China is no longer an added value to your CV, but rather a prerequisite to success. Yet, few business leaders and, even senior professionals, actually understand China. The DBIC program provides participants with the critical and essential tools to understand how to do business in China through a combination of subject-specific modules and cultural activities. Through merging both “classroom knowledge” with real business practices, participants are able to understand China beyond the rapid economic growth. Participants who attend the DBIC program not only take part in an unforgettable experience but also gain skills that will equip them for global success.


The participants will find in-depth, practical advice on the most common issues that are faced by companies doing business in China. A wide range of topics are covered from essential operational considerations to legal matters, HR due diligence, Chinese culture and leadership, e-commerce and more. Companies already doing business in China should also find it a useful guide to complement their experience.

To provide an excellent reference for any business looking to export to China for the first time, for anyone considering China market entry, as well as for multinationals as they expand operations within China or move to protect their business interests. We hope it will serve as a useful and practice teaching in ensuring every success for your business in China.

Program Philosophy

Unique China Focus

The program spans cities in China, aiming to provide a unique angle on the

world’s fastest growing major economy for those well-versed with China as

well as those new to China.

Diverse Learning Style

Wide range of learning methodologies is designed to bridge the best in

business theory and its practical application such as lectures, case studies,

company visits, group exercises, participant presentations, debates, Q&A

Learning by Doing

The final group project is a real-world project – such as a new venture or

corporate innovation in China. It should show how you are weaving your

learning across the program into your practice.

Program Outline

Module 1: China, The country, and the people

This module will set the stage for the Doing Business in China program by providing a comprehensive but brief description of China. After attending this module, you will first work on two different exercises tapping some key aspects of Chinese people’s values, which are most relevant to your possible experiences of Doing Business in China. You will learn these points through your experiential learning exercises and class discussions.

Module 2: Doing Business and Managing People

This module will focus on how to manage the people aspect of doing business in China. You will learn through discussion, rich case studies, combined with in-class exercises on Chinese employees’ values and behaviors. This structure will give you firsthand experience and shed light on what it means to (1) manage Chinese employees and (2) do business (whether in collaborative or negotiation) in China.

Module 3: Leadership in Chinese Business Firms

This module will focus on China’s Unique Management Practices how business leaders in China share three distinct perspectives. 1) The view that they have to create their own ecosystem; 2) the Chinese founder-manager believes that he or she will need to build almost everything—basic skills in recruits, suppliers, government ties, capital sources, and often schools for employees’ kids—from scratch and on a large scale; 3) a Confucian preference for simple organizational structures, with everyone reporting to the top. This module will help you understand the radically different management techniques and practices in China organizations.

Module 4: Business Practices in the Cultural and Social Contexts

Understanding eastern and western thinking patterns, it’s important to realize that one of the more subtle aspects of culture and business etiquette has to do the way one thinks. And also the different culture worldview cause a great deal of frustration and distrust between the individuals attempting to work together. The module presents some of the differences between how the Chinese and the Western individuals think about culture and values. You will learn The Importance of Business Customs (or How To Blow a Business Deal), Elements of Chinese Business Etiquette, Chinese Business Practice, and Cultural Resources.

Module 5: China, Challenge and Opportunity

Though everyone is aware of the rise of China on the international stage, with a country the size of a continent, it is important to understand that China is not just one market. China’s vast territory and large population means that there is wide variation in its industry mix and overall development across the country. In the module, we will break down these difference, challenges and opportunity, to help you identify the regions of most relevance to your business.

Program Bonus:

Business Trip Tips

Incorporation and Growing a Business in China

Protect Your Business Interests

Who should attend

Managers, Business Leaders, Executive Leadership Team, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners who are keen know about China and do business in China.

Benefits of Attending This Course

ü To prepare doing business in China

ü Localizing value propositions

ü Deep understanding the Chinese Culture and Thinking and behaviors

ü To understand the opportunity and challenge in China

ü Have a better idea how to manager local Chinese team and do business with them

ü Able to build a right relationship quickly

ü Understand China’s unique management practice

ü Raise the awareness on broader cultural issues

ü Deep insight into the business aspects of China

Our Teaching Methodology

• We are adopting the value, principle and philosophy of Dr. John C. Maxwell

• Research-based teaching

• Stories and real-life case studies based on specifically industry

• Interactive games and activities with debriefs to crystallize learning

• Adopt reflecting learning process

• Easy to use templates to encourage participants to take action after the program

• Skills practice with exercises that are reflected in daily work and non-work environment • Use of case studies that are industry-relevant

• Practical usage to ensure immediate transfer of knowledge.

*******The program is teaching both in English and Mandarin.

Program fee: $480 per person (after PIC claim is $288)

Profile of Trainer

Elaine Zhou AS SEEN ON: CBS NEW, FOX, NBC and ABC. Her specific skills include leadership capability development, speaking for influence, high performing team development and professional facilitation, the design and delivery of training programs, coaching and speaking.

She has designed and presented hundreds of training programs for community leaders, executive and youth leadership groups, business owners, staff, and volunteers. Her programs are designed to improve operations and relations within organizations, as well as prepare organization to attract and retain quality businesses.

She brings over ten year’s experience in business strategy, organization transformation, human capital, talent management and leadership development. She has been worked since 2006 with leading organizations across Asia in a broad range of industries inducing manufacturing, oil and gas, retail and servicing sector. She is considered a thought leader on leadership and human capital related issues. Most of the clients she is working with are Fortune 500 companies, state-owned, educational institutions and ministries. She trains and coaches regionally in China, Singapore and Malaysia. Some of her esteem and regular clients include HST Medical Group, Great Eastern Singapore, State Grid Corporation China (SGCC), Beijing Normal University, Drake International, CK Tang, SMART Investment Expo, Singapore Chinese Chamber Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) and HR Management Asia.

Elaine is a leadership trainer, coach and speaker with John Maxwell Team, as well as certified 6E coach from Elevate. At the same time, Elaine and her team run an international training firm in Singapore and Beijing to provide personal development and leadership development solutions (www.cnewinternational.com).

Elaine holds a Bachelor of degree in Business Management from Nanchang Institute of Technology (China) and she is the author of You Can Create Your Life.

Follow Elaine on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elaine-zhou/

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