After up to speed of the Exciting

In Vacation cabin Fever, players learn becoming a pirate by helping Bill Teach inside running his dispatch, and will become rewarded with usage of the island regarding Mos Le'Harmless. rs4uk.com where sell the cheapest RS Gold will give you a simple guide of it.

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Head to Port Phasmatys and speak to Bill Teach. Because the captain of The particular Adventurous, Bill needs a pirate to aid him leave the particular port and you should help him. Head up to the docks and board one of the most eastern ship.

Open and lookup the gun locker to get a Fuse and the particular repair locker regarding 4 Ropes, and grab the Tinderbox close to the plunder torso. Go up the particular ship's ladder for the north and climb the southern climbing web.After you are around the other ship, utilize the Fuse with the particular barrel, and light it with all the Tinderbox.

After up to speed of the Exciting, speak to Costs Teach who will ask you to repair the pockets in his dispatch and plunder one other ship. When you might have hit the ship 3 x, the ship can set sail regarding Mos Le'Harmless plus a cut scene can occur. You will probably be awarded after an individual arrive.

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