Parkour Beginners Workshop

Parkour Workshop for beginners ages 12 and up, conducted and hosted by one of the local best people in the field. Hosted by Training by Glen, in collaboration and partnership with Ashton from Ashton's Movements Agency, Koh Chen Pin CP, Dblucy, Stan, Leonard Chiang, and Nachos.

Ever wanted to pick up Parkour and learn more about how to train properly and effectively? Here's your chance to do so with our Beginner's Workshop (Crash Course). Not just for Parkour enthusiasts, but also for anyone intending to improve their fitness, mobility and movement capability to benefit their own sport or in other ways. For anyone else intending to get back their fitness, this is also your chance to try out Parkour. This workshop is safe and for anyone interested.

Contents: Intro to Parkour, strength and conditioning for Parkour, Basic movements skill training, Parkour runs and application, nutrition for Parkour, safety, how to effectively programme your training.

11 years of Parkour experience
-Ashton Law
(Ashton's Movements Agency)
15 years of Parkour experience
9 years of Parkour experience
-CP Koh Chen Pin
Well-known pro athlete
10 years of Parkour experience
-Glen GPJ
12 years of Parkour experience

(Host's) Vendor's Workshop Terms:

Payment non refundable.

Coach(es) may be replaced at the discretion of the host/vendor when deemed necessary.

The users undertake not to hold the vendor, its employees, partners and affiliates, to be liable for any injury, loss or damage which the user, or anyone else including minors who choose to participate together, might sustain whilst participating in this workshop, and howsoever arising irrespective of whether such loss, injury or damage can be attributed to any act or omission of the vendor, its employees, partners and affiliates.

In the event that the workshop is unable to be conducted at any point of time due to any rare unforeseen circumstances, the participant affected, will be provided with a soft copy training plan of the workshop.

Sun Aug 13, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM SGT
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228 Bishan St 23
Standard ticket for age 12 to 21 - 1 person SOLD OUT $29.00
Standard ticket for age 12 to 21 - 2 person SOLD OUT $48.00
Standard ticket for age 22+ (1 person) SOLD OUT $39.00
Standard ticket for age 22+ (2 person) SOLD OUT $68.00
Venue Address
228 Bishan St 23 Singapore
Training by Glen
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