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We have had the opportunity to work with Entrepreneurs from many different industries and many walks of life. And we have noticed one too many salient features of Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs which are admirable and noteworthy. Some of the Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs we met have this unshakeable confidence about the direction of their businesses.

One thing's for sure - Growing a business is a challenging endeavor that many have accomplished over time. Many have managed to sustain their business by overcoming personal and professional obstacles in order to grow a thriving business. This alone is worth the applause.

However, all of us Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs have one thing in common. That is, we do the things we do because we love our families more than we love ourselves. And putting that front and center, we strive. We persist to do better for we want a better life for our loved ones.

What can be nobler than that?

However, the nobility of purpose is very different from reaching one’s financial goals early. It comes with playing the game of money right and choosing the right strategies and tools to reach one’s goals. There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning the bulk of your needs through a business. But to reach your financial goals earlier, one must master the game of money.

So our message to Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs is simple. Continue doing what you do, but for the sake of your children and families, learn to invest and compound your money at a higher rate of return.

The ideal scenario is this.

You are a successful business person and hugely cash generative. So you have a cash generating machine. Next, you need a compounding machine. And this is where we believe we can help.

Hence, we are organizing a preview of a suite of wealth creation tools for Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs that you can use to make life better. Let us take the deep dive into:

Wealth Creation Tool #1 - Deep Value Investing Course

At Thrive360, we are very excited to launch our Deep Value Investing Course that seeks to compound money at the highest rates of return. The strategy is simple and it allows the ordinary man on the street to raise his standard of living. Imagine a life of security and capital growth reaching your financial goals in half to a third of the time compared with your peers. We will teach you to build your very own Compounding Machine.

In this course you will learn:

  • · Why Deep Value Investing can be a lot more successful than traditional “Warren Buffett Strategies”
  • · How to reach your financial goals in half to a third of the time shorter than your peers.
  • · How to avoid the pitfalls to investing mediocrity. We are entrepreneurs and have no time to lose. Cut short the time by saving yourself from losses over the next 5 years. The message that you listen to will be very important!
  • · Why Deep Value Investing can compound money faster than other forms of value investing. We will show you how Deep Value Investing can help you with your standard of living in years to come.
  • · How Deep Value Investing can help one get results of up to 30% per annum. Find out how you can double your money in just slightly more than 2 years!
  • · Why Deep Value Investing is easier to practice than other forms of investing. Newbies to Investing are welcome. In fact, what we have found is that we work better with newbies than people who already think they know. Empty your cup!
  • · How to rewire your brain for investment success
  • · How to discover a better way of compounding - an earlier time frame to reach your financial goals. Imagine a situation where you are receiving $200,000 in dividends per annum. Can one actually get there? Yes you can
  • · Discover case studies that will change your entire perspective on investing
  • · Discover the secret to becoming a great investor in the long run

Imagine the life you have always wanted. With Deep Value Investing, we will teach you how to increase your chances to evolve as an investor. Thrive360 is an ideal place to start for a high probability of success. Your Success is our Interest.

Wealth Creation Tool #2 - Dividends Investing

Dividends Investing is surely an integral topic for wealth creation. It is ideal for generating passive income. Think about it Business Owners - If for some reason, business falters, we would still need something to fall back on. This is why we should invest in dividend paying stocks, wisely. Even if your business is not generating the levels of cash you need, you would still have dividend stocks paying a completely passive income, which is what we need for our families to maintain a high quality of life.

In this course you will learn:

  • · How to profit as an entrepreneur by learning the thinking methodologies about money and dividends investing.
  • · How to master the art of buy low and sell high. As an entrepreneur, you want to maximize profit. Learn a valuation framework that will tell you the ideal price entry for maximum gains!
  • · How to practice the art of earning 10% to 25% per annum, thereby allowing you to reach your financial goals earlier.
  • · How to reach a point where your stocks are paying you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year even if your very own business underperforms!

Wealth Creation Tool #3 - Investing in Cryptocurrencies.

Many people do not seem to know how to buy into a Cryptocurrency. Here's an analogy of what can happen. In the 1950’s people who purchased landed properties in the tens of thousands of dollars did not foresee that the prices of properties in Singapore would have reached such levels today. In fact, because of those very purchases, many of them who made the right decisions are today multi millionaires! There were a few milestones that played out. A stable government, an increasing population and an increasingly wealthy people. Very few people foresaw all of that. And that is exactly my point. There is a theory that we should all strive to make investments that have a low risk and are uncertain. Uncertainty will create opportunities.

Today’s Cryptocurrencies are one classic example of huge uncertainties. Today’s Cryptocurrencies present an evolution of money into a digital form. It may very well be the single greatest opportunity that you have been waiting for. Take note of this. One cannot buy Cryptocurrencies from our traditional brokerages yet. There isn’t a single ETF on Cryptocurrencies. And there are many milestones that are yet to be played out.

But when traditional retail investors can buy cryptocurrencies supported by our local brokerages, it may be time to get out then. For now, people are just excited about it!

This is your chance.

In this course you will learn:

  • · Why Investing in Cryptocurrencies are the talk of the town right now.
  • · How to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies
  • · When should we buy and sell Cryptocurrencies
  • · How to choose alternative coins that can be considered for investments
  • · How to deal with the chaos surrounding Cryptocurrencies
  • · How to identify the truth versus false claims surrounding Cryptocurrencies.
  • · How to measure the developments surrounding Bitcoin
  • · What are the milestones that have to happen for Bitcoin to be a killer investment
  • · What is the potential reward from just owning 1 Bitcoin
  • · What is the difference between mining vs buying
  • · How to store Cryptocurrencies safely
  • · What is the cost benefit of Investing vs Trading Cryptocurrencies
  • · How $2000 USD could possibly become $1000,000 USD

Sat Aug 19, 2017
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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