“Global Dance Link Series”, a highlight of 9th Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta


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“Global Dance Link Series” presents the diversified and distinctive works by new wave choreographers. Audience can expect the interesting display of 7 diverse contemporary dance works from 5 different countries that delve into the energetic pulsing moves to moments of innate reflective thoughts.

"Saved or Not" (Spain)

"Saved or Not", co-choreographed by Lucas García & Paula Castañón from Meraki Cía is an exploration of the duality between the real and the fantasy, where two people find through dance their refuge in the other. The protagonists experience a journey through different emotions and feelings carried beyond the limits of scenic space. The passage of time, trust and relationship are analyzed through dance.

"Between" (South Korea)

"Between", choreographed by Kyum Ahn & Gayoung Lee from Momeuro Movement Lab depicts worn and old distance between 2 persons who do not recognize each other, even though we are closest person to one other.

"URBANTURE" (Finland)

"URBANTURE", choreographed by Ilona Kenova and performed by Marjukka Savolainen is a piece about reactions of our surroundings; how we sense, approach and react to the environment and people beyond us and was strongly influenced by the large charcoal painting created by children and led by visual artist Jenny Suhonen.


"SIMPLE LOVE", choreographed by Roberta Ferrara & performed by Gianfranco Felice & Tonia Laterza is a simple story where superstructures, verbal and non-verbal do not serve. Gestaltness, used sacredly and translated as a rite to tell through bodies that articulate the theme of Love and Art to be fragile. Honesty is the background of the work that triggers moments of silence and memories to give simple love the sound of silence.

"Along" (Hong Kong)

"Along" - By looking into Bruce Lee’s philosophy of martial arts, reflects Cho Tak Po Hugh’s body and what he has been doing with his body.

"Remain Invisible" (Hong Kong)

"Remain Invisible" uses strong visual elements to stage a performer’s authenticity, visibility and camouflage in performances. Yau Ka Hei uses “self” as a medium in her work as the form to explore the inner, trying to question and expand the imagination of audience to dance. As Hong Kong young choreographer, she questions how “dance” as a way of arts creation to connect the audience with the artist.

"Woman.Body" (Hong Kong)

In "Woman.Body", varied aspects of a woman - the complex maze of body, emotions and desires – are presented and transformed fluently in to dance moves and rhythm. Probing into women’s common concerns, Wong Pik Kei Rebecca’s choreography is a process of self–exploration that evokes resonance among women in modern cities.

About Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta (since 2001)

Since 2001, the biennial Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta has placed strong emphasis on professional dance-making and its impact on the local and regional dance scenes. With strong international presence in a major local dance event, the public continues to see lots of synergy, participation, cultural exchanges and dance appreciation for the local and international contemporary dance in this iconic event in Asia and Europe.

With 8 editions across sixteen years, the festival had expanded its reach by presenting more than 30 international dance companies and more than 500 artists. Acclaimed works were presented at diverse venues, from Black Box to major proscenium stages like the University Cultural Centre Hall, and large scale outdoor events which were made accessible to all. The range of global dances from around the world has helped to realign the understanding of Contemporary Dance in Singapore and Asia.

In November 2011, this festival had gained new height with ‘Global Dance in Unison I’, presenting the first Singapore's Dance Festival on tour to South Korea during 6th Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta which was supported by Singapore Embassy in Seoul, The Republic of Korea Embassy in Singapore, National Arts Council, Korea Arts Council, Singapore International Foundation, Dance Association of Korea and many others. Since 2011, this festival direction has provided creative impetus for concise platforms to present Singaporean and international works to more global audiences, which enhances greater depth in international collaboration, promoting sustainable and more cohesive cultural exchanges between artistes and people of different countries.

In 2013, ‘Global Dance in Unison II’ continued to scale new heights, touring to 6 cities in Germany, Italy, South Korea and Singapore. In 2015, the festival continued its mission by touring Italy, Taiwan and Thailand.

In 2017, the festival has evolved by heightening its cultural diplomacy with deep ties being developed with the Italian dance community. Odyssey Dance Theatre partnered with 10 Italian dance companies and had toured 6 Italian cities. Xposition 'O' has continued to evolve itself with 2 major tracks - Performance & Education, with 6 diverse platforms in this 9th edition. This change will bring along new impetus for the festival to grow in bounds and leaps, in preparation for its 10th edition celebration in 2019.

More information can be found at www.xposition-o.com and Facebook (@ODT International Sg).

About ODT International

ODT International aspires to lead in arts management, providing high standards to our associates and clients. ODT International has presented some of the region’s emerging and most prolific companies, choreographers and artistes. ODT international delivers an array of capabilities including the management & touring of artistes, dance companies; development and operation of dance festivals; consulting, advisory and event management work for artistes, arts institutions and corporations, and production of dance & arts projects.

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Nov 3 - Nov 4, 2017
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