Peer Edge Group (Cyberjaya)

Running a startup is highly risky. When you are not prepared, you will not survive. You either make or break. Rapidly.

Do not lose your years and capital of RM50k, RM100k, RM200k and more just because you think you can do it alone!

Famously successful entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson all have their own personal network that supports and drives them forward. These peers regularly meet up and discuss matters of the day, and pool their combined perspectives and knowledge to solve and create distinctive advantages that no one person can do alone.

Start making the change today and begin to reap the benefits!

Here are six advantages being in a peer group:
1. Focusing on your competitive advantage

- Your peers will give you an objective understanding of your competitive advantage. Taking full advantage of your edge is the most necessary element to become successful like Google, Microsoft and Apple.

2. Start knowing what you do not know

- Peer networks present a ready-made community for you to absorb best practices and learn from the collective experience of the members.

3. Many minds are better than one

- There are some answers you just can't Google. Be connected with trustworthy and confidential advisory board that provides you with actual insights on topics that matter to you.

4. Eliminate blind spots

- You know how beneficial “sounding boards” are for your ideas. You will find out if you missed anything, discover new alternatives that you have not considered before and fix implementation issues that you might have overlooked.

5. Confidential

- Everything shared in this group is confidential and would not be leaked to your competitors.

6. Exclusive yet inclusive private ecosystem

- You do not need to pass any qualification/interviews to be part of this network, you just need to be committed.

This is designed to prevent you from making the typical entrepreneurial mistakes, achieve more out of your capital and overcome the Death Valley.

In this session, you would -
1. Cultivate a strategic mindset.
2. Experience the power of peer group
3. Have the opportunity to be invited to private group sessions

You will be facilitated by Jay Shong, an experienced auditor that for years had confidential insight into the management of multinational companies such as IBM, Unilever and Sime Darby.
Sat Aug 26, 2017
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM MYT
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Standard SOLD OUT RM20.00
Venue Address
1st Floor, Block 2330, Century Square, Jalan Usahawan Cyberjaya Malaysia
Peer Edge Group