Season 3 Recap - 1st Year Anniversary of KL AI

We're celebrating our one year anniversary early, to befit the concept of accelerated exponential nature for the AI industry. It's also a season recap, as we look at what the past year has accomplished. More than 50 hours of discussion around AI, it's impacts, the algorithms that brings it around, the case studies, the opportunities, they hype and the amount of investment being thrown into it currently.

Would like to call out to the folks that have joined us over past 18+ meetups, its been humbling having the interest that has emerged out from the community of software developers, enthusiasts, investors, the curious, the brothers who brought their younger siblings, the parents who brought their children and colleagues who brought their peers.

We've had Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, KPMG, Deutsche Post DHL, Accenture, Axiata, Grab, IRIS, MDEC, Central Bank of Malaysia, Maybank, Etiqa Insurance, Nestle, BFM EDGE, MDEC, ADAX, Streamline Studios, Publicis, Petronas, Amway, graduates/students from Universiti Malaya, Stanford, MIT, and visitors from Vietnam, South Korea, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia.

There's a long list of breakouts in the industry, ranging from the development of a 51 cubit quantum computer, further publications from OpenAI.com (we're having a workshop next week looking at a paper by an OpenAI.com researcher, by a Dr. Dan Kurst from USA.), lots of local startups, companies and organisations building up their AI/Machine Learning teams and major initiatives all around the world in preparing for the increased impact of a consciousness decoupled intelligence upon life on earth.

This season recap, we'll cover the big new concepts and key areas to push ourselves to learn. The tools are getting simpler, though the discoveries are continuing to increase. Very likely, it'll not stop, even after we go past singularity.

Since the AlphaGo / Lee Sedol Go Match - it seems like the AI breakthrough development marches non-stop.

This April, with the announcement of Neuralink - http://waitbutwhy.com/2017/04/neuralink.html - it's pretty much set that we, the humankind, are taking the next step towards evolving our selves. You didn't sign the memo for it. You're part of it anyway.

And thus the acceleration continues. Join in and bring a friend along. To rightfully claim that you were there, in the early days, before the deluge of AI SaaS, Neural Network on a USB, intelligent camera and microphones recorded everything and anything. We'll reminisce about this period in time, when only 2 billion people are connected on a social network, as pretty soon, we'll only measure those that aren't connected.

Plan your time ahead. What are you going to work on and learn about until the next season.

We've had plenty of youths inquiring about the fastest ways of becoming wealthy (and AI tech is a strong option), so here is our compilation of the various methods (includes non-programming / non-entrepreneurship options).


Sat Aug 5, 2017
1:10 PM - 4:10 PM MYT
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