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Featuring: Aji Prasetyo, Emma Hayley, Lim Cheng Tju, Nguyễn Thành Phong, Roy Ablah

Calling all aspiring comic artists. Don’t miss this chance to get an honest and professional appraisal of your work from seasoned industry players. A panel of publishers, editors and comic artists will be on hand to offer you advice on how to improve your portfolio. Sign up for your slot now!


TranslateSingapore takes a close look at the translation of comics in all its colourful forms – from graphic novels and Japanese manga to European bande dessinée and comics from Southeast Asia. Join award-winning comic artists, translators and publishers from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Europe and the US as we explore how this popular medium is used to engage with cross-cultural representations and understanding.

Lim Cheng Tju, an educator who writes about history and popular culture, is the advisor to the “Comics and Translation” programmes. The programmes will be in English.

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AJI PRASETYO (Indonesia)

Aji Prasetyo is a writer, author, comic artist, musician, and independent human rights activist. He began creating comics for a personal blog in 2007. His first book, Hidup Itu Indah (Life Is Beautiful), was published in 2010. Besides comics that are filled with social criticism and political commentary, Aji has also created historical fiction comics, including Harimau dari Madiun (Tigers of Madiun), which is set during the Javanese war of 1825-1830. It won the Third Silver Award in the Kompetisi Komik Indonesia 2013, and was subsequently published in 2015. In 2016, it won the Kosasih Award for Best Short Comic. His work is also displayed in the Asia Comic Cultural Museum in Penang, Malaysia.


Emma launched SelfMadeHero in 2007, after spotting a gap in the market for high quality graphic novels. Her background in publishing, following a postgraduate diploma in journalism at City University, London, has seen her work as a journalist, a film PR and as an editorial director for several small publishers. Since launching her own company, her focus has shifted to the business and entrepreneurial face of book publishing, while she remains hands-on in commissioning new titles. She was named UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year, as part of the British Book Industry Awards 2008.

LIM CHENG TJU (Singapore)

Lim Cheng Tju is an educator who writes about history and popular culture. His articles have appeared in the Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, Journal of Popular Culture and Print Quarterly. He is the country editor (Singapore) for the International Journal of Comic Art and also the co-editor of Liquid City 2, an anthology of Southeast Asian comics published by Image Comics. He is one of the authors of The University Socialist Club and The Contest for Malaya: Tangled Strands of Modernity (Amsterdam University Press/National University of Singapore Press).


Nguyn Thành Phong is a co-founder of Phong Duong comics. He works as a graphic novelist, illustrator and art/creative director for various publishers and clients in Vietnam, France, Italy and the US. Nguyn Thành Phong started his career in 2004. Since then, he has been awarded numerous national and international prizes, including the Special Jury Prize for the Best Artworks at the Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest 2011; and the Silver Award in the 9th International Manga Award (2016). His recent works include Sát thủ đầu mưng mủ (roughly translated as The Killer with A Festering Head, a picture book illustrating Vietnamese contemporary idioms); Think before honking (series of cartoons about traffic problems), Hà Nội – My City, and Holy Dragon Imperator.


Fairul Nizam Ablah, or known as Roy Ablah, is a freelance writer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has been writing scripts for animation, telemovies and drama series since 2005 for Malaysian TV. He worked with the highly-acclaimed Gonzo Studio Japan for an animation called 7 Satria, in collaboration with Funcel Studio. Apart from writing, he is also a comic publisher under the label of Maple Comics with his partner-in-crime, Amir Hafizi. It has 19 titles so far (and counting). His latest venture is Anomalous Films in which he is a partner-producer, and he has just completed a 27-episode drama series Biniku Ninja that was filmed in Europe. He admires the works of Charlie Kaufman, Quentin Tarantino, Park Chan-wook, Brian Azzarello, Paul Pope and Warren Ellis, to name a few.

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