【English Only】DMM.make AKIBA MEET UP #18 -Finland Night- / 第18回 AKIBAでつながる交流会 - フィンランド・ナイト -


★First time to have “English Only” networking event in AKIBA!!!★

We will be inviting Finnish leading startups and organization to present their products and activities this month!

We have set a main theme on a country "Finland", the country where establishes famous startups and foreign technological enterprises gives most attention to.
There will be several promised startups and organization from Finland to pitch and exhibit.
Also, it will be carried out all in English for a first time in our networking event.
Of course we will be welcoming exhibiting or pitching products from participants!
※In English
Please come and participate sense a difference from an ordinary networking events that we usually have every month♪

また、つながる交流会初の ”All English Event” です。
いつもと違ったGlobalなMeet Upに、是非ご参加ください♪

▼What is "DMM.make AKIBA MEET UP"

It has been 3 years since DMM.make AKIBA has established our fellow startups has launched various prototypes and product through our facility. We have decided to organize monthly event for member to exchange and announce their information.

▼12th(Feb/10)Pictures from Networking event!!(Contents of the program may varies)第12回つながる交流会 ダイジェスト動画

Contents of the day---------------------

Contents may change

Finland Night!~Pitch and Talk session by Finnish startups, organizations, and enterprises

  • Kickai [NEW!!]
    The ultimate wearable and app for martial artists
  • Puzzle Phone [NEW!!]
    Upgradable & Sustainable Android device/ アップグレード・拡張ができるAndroidデバイス
  • QuietOn
    An earplug with an active noise cancelling function/ アクティブノイズキャンセル付き耳栓http://www.quieton.com/
  • Valkee
    Bright light therapy machine/ ブライトライト・セラピー機器
  • Enevo
    Best solution for collecting garbage/ ゴミ収集の最適化ソリューション
  • Reaktor
    A product studio that makes digitalization possible/ デジタリゼーションを実現するプロダクトスタジオ
  • Nokia [NEW!!]
  • Slush
    The word largest Startup event/ 世界最大級のスタートアップイベント
  • Finland Embassy/フィンランド大使館

② 3 minutes Pitch/ 3分間ピッチ

Various presentation regarding your product, service, announcement. Please let us know your need of exhibiting the product and the content when applying for the ticket. The presentation will be in ENGLISH.
A person who will be presenting will be picked randomly.
Will send the message once you are confirmed as a speaker through peatix site (a week before the event).


・Xenoma Inc. / Next Generation Smart Apparel "e-skin"
・Novera / The AR smart mirror, "Howlook"
・amegumi / OS for long lifecycle smartphone
and more...!

* Sorry, application of the pitch has been closed.

③ Exhibition / プロダクト展示

May exhibit a product or prototype.
Please notify need of exhibit and content when applying for the ticket.

※Exhibition :
Exhibitor will be picked randomly.
The winner will be confirmed through peatix site approximately a week before the event.
An exhibiting place will be at F2 area of our venue.
Exhibits that require large current and large voltage may not be accepted.
The exhibition starts from 19:00~19:35, and 20:30~end during the event. Please be ready by 19:35.

・Xenoma Inc. / Next Generation Smart Apparel "e-skin"
・株式会社輝輝技研 / HMD拡張アタッチメント(HMD extended attachment)

and more...!

* Sorry, application of the exhibition has been closed.

Introducing participants / 参加者の自己紹介

Will be providing a time frame for participants to introduce themselves at the beginning of the networking event. Please communicate each other by filling the introduction card in.

Overview of the event-----------------

【Date】2017/8/10(Thu)19:30-22:00  ※The gate opens from 19:00~
Ticket price

Member of AKIBA: ¥0(Free)
 ※Member=Base/Studio/Base plus/Team Room member/Corporate member/Sponsor member
 Peatix Pre reservation: ¥1,000(incl tax) / On the day ticket : ¥1,500(incl tax)

【Place】DMM.make AKIBA Base(12F)

【Apply】Please apply from this page.

【Host】DMM.make AKIBA

【Sponsor】獺祭 (Dassai)

※※Cancellation and Refund/ キャンセル・払い戻し※※
Will not accept any cancellation and refund after 8/10(Tue) 12:00. Please understand.
8/10(火) 12:00以降のキャンセル並びに払い戻しにつきましては受付けておりません。

※※ Issue the receipt / 領収書発行 ※※※
Will issue the receipt for a person who will be paying for the ticket on the day of the event.

Schedule of the event -----------------

19:00~ Gate open & Reception / 開場・受付
     Facility tour begins / 見学ツアー参加希望者 集合・出発
.make AKIBA announcement / .make AKIBA 活動報告
19:35~ Finland Night!~Pitch and talk by Finnish startups and organizations
20:35~ 3 minutes Pitch / 3分間ピッチ
21:05~ Presenting Exhibitor / 本日の展示紹介
21:10~ Self-introduction Time / 自己紹介Time
21:15~ Networking / 交流タイム
22:00~ Event Close / イベント終了

※The content of the program may change. プログラムは変更となる可能性があります。

DMM.make AKIBA Facility Tour /施設見学ツアー】

  • The tour will be done in Japanese.
  • DMM.make AKIBA facility tour done by skilled employee which gives a maximum satisfaction!!
  • Please apply for the tour ticket【Up to 10 people】
  • Please be at 4th floor of FUJI SOFT AKIHABARA building by 19:00. Please understand you cannot attend the tour if you could not make it by 19:00.
  • The tour will be around 30 – 40 minutes long.

  • 見学ツアーは日本語でのご案内となります。
  • 専門スタッフが施設内をガイドする「満足度大」のDMM.make AKIBAツアーです。
  • DMM.make AKIBA 施設見学ツアーをご希望の方は、見学ツアー付チケットをお申込みください。【最大10名まで】
  • 19:00まで に、「富士ソフト秋葉原ビル」の4Fにお集まり下さい。時間までにお越しになられないと見学ツアーに参加出来ませんのでご了承下さい。
  • ツアーは、3040分程度を予定しております。

Entering/ Reception 入館/受付】※当日参加OK

  • Please prepare your business card ready. Please let us know your name at the reception desk on 12th floor. 1500 Yen for the ticket.
  • Please come between 19:00~20:00
    ▶For the facility tour:
     Come to 4th floor by 19:00. Will guide you to event receptionist on 12th floor.
    ▶Person who requests presentation and exhibition: Please come by
  • For member of DMM.make AKIBA please prepare your member card.
  • Non DMM.make AKIBA member: Will attend you on 4th floor of FUJI SOFT AKIHABARA building Please give us a call if you arrive after 20:00
    DMM.make AKIBA Event:070-3521-8257

  • 12階入り口の受付にて、お名前をお知らせください。その際に、お名刺を1枚頂戴いたしますので、ご用意をお願いいたします。当日チケットは1,500円になります。
  • ご来場者の皆さまは、19:0020:00の間にご入場ください。
  • DMM.make AKIBA会員の皆さまは、ご自身の入館証でご来場ください。
  • DMM.make AKIBA会員以外の方は、「富士ソフト秋葉原ビル」の4Fにて、入館のアテンドをいたします。20:00を過ぎた場合は以下までご連絡ください。
  • DMM.make AKIBAイベント担当:070-3521-8257


DMM.make AKIBA is a facility which supports startups by providing machines and offices spaces as a business base.Will provide everything for what startups need.
DMM.make AKIBAは、ハードウェア開発をトータルでサポートする総合型のモノづくり施設です。モノを作りたい人が必要とする、全てをご用意しています。

DMM.make AKIBAについて

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Thu Aug 10, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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