The Magic of Foods

Can food really solve our daily health concerns?


Find out how when you attend this ‘ONE OF A KIND’ popular food tasting event.

You will be totally entertained and learn life changing health and culinary secrets as our American Presenter DEMONSTRATES how you can make 5 Star delicious super healthy foods at home…for less than RM 4 per serving!

AND…best of all, after you watch the food being prepared, you actually EAT plentiful portions of each and every recipe!

This exciting event is fun and will change the way you look at food and nutrition.

These events are limited to 40-50 pax so that every participant can be treated as a VIP!

I am honoured to help sponsor these events in Selangor, and I would like to share my experience about how this amazing 'Magic of Foods' event has changed my life.

My name is Ng Leng Jet. Not long ago when I went for my full body check up I found out that my liver is becoming fatty and it may cause liver failure.

I was terrified.

I shared this with my very good friend and mentor, who is 65 years old and still lives a healthy life.

When he got to know about my situation, he shared “The Magic of Food” with me.

I trust this man, and having nothing to lose I gave it a shot!

In a month’s time, the doctor was amazed that my liver was back to normal. I was so excited and I thanked my mentor for my new found health.

Now, I want to share this exciting health information with everyone I love and care about, and anyone else who is concerned for their health.

Good News! I have successfully convinced the Master of “The Magic of Food” to share this life changing event right here in Selangor, Malaysia.

Now I need your help and I ask you to step up and join me in my passion to help people restore their health with delicious, healthy and affordable food.

Join us now and please share this opportunity with your friends!

Hope to see you soon,

Ng Leng Jet
Sat Jul 29, 2017
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM MYT
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A-3-5, Ativo Plaza
Standard SOLD OUT RM20.00
Venue Address
A-3-5, Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara Malaysia
The Magic of Foods