Scratch with Makey Makey


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The course fee is $349(Without Kit) - $419(With Kit) - For more information, please visit https://www.kidscode.sg/product/scratch-makey-makey/

Learning to code is so much more fun with an interactive kit, like Makey Makey. Makey Makey is a simple Invention Kit suitable for all ages who are interested in exploring coding with the incorporation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in a fun and enriching manner.

During the course, your kids will be challenged to think out of the box, to program their Scratch projects together with Makey-Makey kit. They will be motivated to turn items like fruits, playdoh, and even water into fun controllers for games with Makey-Makey kit. At KidsCode, we feel accomplished if our kids love coding after the session.

  • No prior coding experience required

What do your kids learn?
  • Expose to building an independent Scratch Application
  • Learn to control the coding language with a Makey Makey Kit
  • Enjoy loads of fun in project-based learning to incorporate Scratch Application with Makey Makey Kit
  • Enhance logical thinking skill to execute a task

How do we at Kidscode impart our knowledge to your child?
  • We guide your child through step-by-step exercises for his/her simple animation
  • We get them to rebuild this first project or do a slight variation of it
  • We teach them the way to connect Makey-Makey kit to a computer
  • We guide them to program in Scratch application that will work with Makey-Makey kit
  • We get them to work on a new project without any guidance
  • We repeat the process to instill confidence and familiarity

This recursive training method helps to instill the basics of coding; the sense of adventure and the confidence to explore new ways to code even after the course has been completed!

Key Takeaways
  • Exposure to the Makey-Makey kit which is actually a microcontroller board
  • Learn how Makey-Makey kit can work by using proper wiring and connection
  • Learn block programming skills using Scratch application
  • Develop his/her own version of a Makey-Makey project using commonly found items!
  • Continue with many more game creations with Scratch application and share them with his/her friends
  • Aspire to be next game changer!
What's next?

For more information and to confirm your child's space in the course, please visit www.kidscode.sg

Wed Dec 6, 2017
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM SGT
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51 Cuppage Road Singapore
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