Sandbox Interactive GmbH Makes Right The Starter Pack Mess

You can tell that Albion Online is close to release as we have had a ton of interest in our low priced Albion Online Gold. Anyway one of the things that was going to happen when Albion Online released was starter packs. These were available in different tiers and designed to give players who want to spend a little bit of extra money a head start in the game. It is something that many other games have done and it was not a problem or big deal at all.

Except there was a problem! The folks at Sandbox Interactive GmbH had said that the starter packs would not offer the same kind of value for money as the founder packs, which was understandable. However there was some kind of mistake and Sandbox Interactive GmbH realized that there would be some problems, like starters not actually being able to get a head start on the game! To some people it seemed like these people who swanned in and bought a starter pack just before the game was released were being treated better than those who got the founder packs and had been with the game for ages!

Sandbox Interactive GmbH did not intend for this to happen and they have worked overtime to make it right. Offering people who did purchase founder packs extra gold as well as all the perks the corresponding starter packs get. So for example, if you are a legendary founder, you will get all the stuff that it part of the legendary starter pack.

We have to salute Sandbox Interactive GmbH for admitting there was a mistake and coming out and fixing it so everyone is happy.

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Mon Jul 17, 2017
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
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