Letting Go and Healing Emotionally


We take the pain of our heart for granted. Thinking that it will be ok, and we can take the hurt, such as the harsh words used, how misunderstood we felt and the flipping comments made by others that made us feel judged or even wronged. In some extreme cases, it can be betrayal due to lack of trust or let down, as the person was simply not choosing to be by your side.

When it comes to matters of the heart, it is usually about people, emotions, words used and actions done or not done. By simply not doing or not supporting us in times of need as per our expectations, can also cause a lot of pain. Emotional hurt is tricky that way.. as it can be due to non-actions or in the silence of another. It can also be, sometimes indirect. As the other person narrates an incident on how they reacted, and you can get hurt, as that same person reacted differently with you. Immediately the sense of differential treatments or unfairness pops in our head.

In this workshop, I will share and conduct

  • about emotional pain
  • how we come into peace with the emotional pain
  • becoming aware of what we can do to reduce or recognize it in others
  • heart meditation to help with emotional release
  • sound healing session to bring you back into balance
  • individual emotional healing for yourself

With heart meditation, for healing of the heart on emotional release & forgiveness and acceptance of oneself. Letting go of issues that have bothered you & allowing it to be replaced by light, love & truth.

Using Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls to help with the release of emotions and balancing you to harmony & equipoise.

Energy Exchange : $240

Contact: Kalpana at 9816 2600, kalpana@thehealingspacesg.net

Sat Aug 19, 2017
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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