Relationship Woes : Heart to Heart Circle

Meaningful conversations with heartfelt sharing of our pain and hurt in relationships. Can be from emotional, mental or marital issues, such as separation, divorce, widowers or break up from long-term relationship.

Comforting and empowering each other as we share our stories, what we learnt and how we became wiser from our mistakes made. Having undergone a divorce myself and discovering a path of healing for myself, I would like to reach out to others, through conducting this Heart-to-Heart Circle. I will be conducting a heart meditation for healing of the heart, emotional release & forgiveness and acceptance of oneself.

Join me in Heart-to-Heart Circle, conducted once every 3 weeks. Each of us will contribute by: -
• Participating by sharing our journey;
• Contributing to the group wisdom, lessons and different roles as single parent;
• Supporting each other on moving forward in an empowering way;
• Admitting to the mistakes we made and learned from, and how we grew and healed or are still healing;
• Being the one to shine the light to others who had or are still walking this path.

Time: 8pm to 9pm (or 9.30pm depending on number of number of attendees)
Energy Exchange : $38

Contact: Kalpana at 9816 2600, kalpana@thehealingspacesg.net.

My Journey with divorce:-
My status is “Single-again”. Being a divorcee with children. As painful as most divorces are, besides the pain, anguish and social stigma, there is also a way forward in strength, courage, compassion and resilience.
• Strength in declaring your situation to immediate family, children and close friends;
• Courage in being able to be strong to stand the onslaught of court applications, change of lawyers, tedious rounds of discussions and mediations;
• Compassion on yourself for coping with the changes of being single again or single parent, with loneliness, fears and anxieties on change of status quo;
• Resilience on standing firm and seeking fairness on the requests made, in court applications or agreements made on yourself and for your child.

Thu Aug 3, 2017
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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