Social Media Sales Funnel: How to Growth Hack Your Lead Gen

This Wednesday in Bangsar, learn the best growth hacks to generate leads for your business for free using social media!

Growth hacking -- and automating your marketing outreach through social media channels such as Instagram -- is one of the most effective and powerful techniques to create a non-stop stream of fans, prospects, followers, and leads for your business.

But you have to be able to do this right or it can backfire BIG TIME.

After attending this one-time workshop, you will not only have a dozen ideas about different strategies that will help your ideas succeed, you’ll know exactly what it takes to implement each one of them.

Our campaigns account for millions of monthly pageviews, millions of social followers, millions of emails, millions of dollars in revenue. We’ve tried hundreds of tactics in order to give you only the methods we know will work.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about marketing you can sit down, follow the instructions, and make your campaigns succeed.

This will place you in an exclusive club -- and you'll gain an edge over competitors. Because a lot of people struggle to figure out to effectively connect and communicate through social media. They think the purpose of marketing on social media is just to sell.

And as a result, they hit a psychological “wall” and never really get past it. People don't use social media to buy anything, and they especially don't want to be sold to.

Instead, they use social media to connect, share, communicate, network, and engage with friends.

If you know how to leverage these social media networks the RIGHT way - and then better yet - automate the entire process... can you imagine what you could accomplish?

With great power comes great responsibility, so in this workshop we break down the "what" when it comes to your communication before we discuss the "how" of automation and scaling up.

You will learn powerful techniques to gain massive amount of attention, followers, and customers for your business, all 100% free, using social media.

• How to communicate effectively through social media - and win the adoration of followers, fans, subscribers, and customers
• Breaking down what a great outreach looks like, how to use NLP anchors, and create strong rapport
• Instagram automation - how to automate social media commenting and outreach
• Powerful set it and forget marketing automation software, methods, and tactics
• How to win friends and influence people (seriously!)
• How to build strong, enduring relationships online by using the "Law of Three" method
• How to convert users into customers

We'll also have an opportunity after the presentation to win exclusive prizes, and there will be an AMA opportunity where you can ask any questions you have about growth hacking for your projects.

We also have a very special offer courtesy of The Co: if you attend this workshop, you will have a chance to win a free coworking day pass!

About the Speaker:

Danny Flood is a growth hacker, entrepreneur, adventurer, and six-time bestselling author of life and business hacking books such as “Dr Growth,” “Buy Your Own Island,” “Hack Sleep,” and “Hack Email.”

As the founder of two online marketing agencies, over the last ten years Danny has worked with more than a hundred clients in every niche, from websites to e-books to crowdfunding to software and everything in between.

His books have been downloaded more than one million times and his company has driven hundreds of thousands of followers, conversions, and signups for clients.

Details about the venue: https://jointhe.co/bangsar

See you at the workshop on Wednesday!
Wed Jul 12, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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8 Lengkok Abdullah 59000 Bangsar Malaysia
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