BrooklynJS #4

The world's most popular programming language, in New York's most popular borough
Our fourth BrooklynJS meetup!

We're offering two tiers of tickets: setTimeout at $10 and setImmediate at $20. Each includes a custom commemorative 3D-printed token of the event, which can optionally be redeemed for a craft beer, wine, or soda.

All proceeds (after bar, venue, and other costs) go to Girls Who Code and ScriptEd. Last month we were able to raise more than $500 each for these organizations. For details, check out our budget.

If you can't get a ticket, feel free to show up for beer.js downstairs around 9pm, when we all head down to hydrate.

If you would like to sponsor, a $500 sponsor token will get two of your developers (no recruiters) into the event, a place to put your shwag, and 30 seconds to introduce yourself to the audience. Please contact us here before buying, as we're very picky about who we let in, and want to make sure there's a good fit with your company and our objectives as a community event.

For details about our speakers, head to http://brooklynjs.com. Or find us on Twitter at @brooklyn_js.
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Thu Feb 20, 2014
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST
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ScriptEd Tokens FULL
setImmediate Token SOLD OUT $20.00
setTimeout Token SOLD OUT $10.00
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61 Bergen St, Brooklyn NY United States