Sake Appreciation with Innovative Tapas


Get to savour 5 glasses of Sake from various Japanese breweries, each paired with an innovative Spanish tapas at Singapore’s only Modern Shudo Restaurant, BAM!

Bam! is the city’s first to introduce the contemporary way of sake appreciation where sake is paired with non-Japanese cuisine.

You will also learn how to pair sakes of different rice polishing ratio (RPR) and Sake Meter Value (SMV) with food from BAM's sake experts, who are trained at the restaurant that houses over 80 outstanding labels of sake from 15 breweries worldwide.

A classy restaurant located in central Singapore, the restaurant’s sake experts and Executive Chef Pepe, who has cut his teeth at several Michelin restaurants, will put together a new menu every week, for you to learn how pairing the right sake will add a ‘divine dimension’ to your food.

At Bam!, you are served with the freshest seasonal ingredients - so sign up now if this is your kind of Monday blues fix as you get to indulge in a surprise menu and learn the art of Sake appreciation!

About the Menu

A surprise awaits, as Chef Pepe professionally modifies the menu depending on the freshest ingredients available that week.

A sample menu would be:
1. Ankimo Tofu, Avruga Caviar, Chives, Hanaho, Allioli
paired with Michisakari Yuujo Junmai Daiginjou

2. Padrón Peppers, Sesame Sauce & Seeds, Parsley, Bonito Flakes
paired with Tedorigawa Shukon Junmai Ginjou

3. Sakura Ebi Omelette, Sake, Smoked Apple Purée, Panko
paired with Sakunohana Ginjou Karakuchi

4. Scamorza A La Plancha, Artichoke Purée, Pine Nuts, Sweet Pea Sprouts, Sake Butter, Kumquats
paired with Chikuha Noto Junmai

5. Pork Jowl, Endives, Mashed Potato, Rostit, Sorrel
paired with Ura Gazanryuu Honjozo

Definitely a good treat to end a mundane monday!

Mon Jul 24, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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BAM!, Tras Street, Singapore
Standard SOLD OUT $59.00
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Tras Street, 078977 Singapore
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