Public transportation is an essential service and is a very necessary input in the development process of a nation.
For a third world capital city like Nairobi, public transport plays a very important role in mobility as majority of the population who do not own private automobiles rely on this for their day to day activities. Unfortunately, Public transportation is facing various problems resulting in the inefficiency of the system and deterioration of the services. The main causes of urban public transport problems in Nairobi include: inadequacy and lack of proper maintenance of the transport infrastructural facilities; concentration of economic activities, employment, and other activities within the central business district and Industrial areas of the city resulting in high volumes of people and goods movements that become difficult to accommodate efficiently; inadequate supply of public transport services to meet the high ad increasing demand; low efficiency in traffic management and operations of the modes of public transport.
The main focus of this forum is on improvement of mobility and mass transit systems. However, we shall also look at data collection for the purpose of transportation planning as a precursor to transportation planning.
Mon Sep 11, 2017
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