All You Can Eat: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich & Salad

“Sake Exploration of Kansai” and “Bonzai Beer Tours” proudly present Phill Cheese Steak Sandwich & Chicken Caeser Salad pairing with Craft Beer & Sake on the rooftop of Terminus Osaka located in the heart of America-Mura.


The fee for this event, @ 1500, includes all-you-can-eat sandwich plus first drink. Drinks (including wine & cocktail) starts @ 300 after the first one.
[credit card (Visa/MC/AMEX) is accepted with 5% proccesing fee]
Also, 10% off special discount (@1350) is available if you bring your friends (your friends also get the discount as well!!)
Advanced ticket with 20% off is also available at this site (friends' discount is not applied to this advaced ticket).

Terminus Osaka is located in the heart of America-Mura (West Shinsaibashi area and a few minutes walk from Dotonbori) where a lot of clubs, bars and stores are around.

You can come and go anytime you want between 7:00 to 10:00pm. You can stop by for quick bite or chill out the whole evening!!

There isn’t any other way to enjoy warm weather in this urban area and it would be great to socialize with a lot of locals as well.

In case of heavy rain, this event will take a place in the Terminus Osaka’s bar (indoor) area.

location: Terminus Osaka / Sake Exploration of Kansai map

The 3rd floor and rooftop of the building (used clothing store called "Rousey" in on the ground level.)

Please contact Aki Sonoda at +818038226636 (available on WhatsApp as well) if you have hard time locating the establishment .

Sake Exploration of Kansai: Facebook Page
Bonzai Beer Tours: Facebook Page
Terminus Osaka: Facebook Page

Looking forward to seeing you!!!!!!

“Sake Exploration of Kansai” と “Bonzai Beer Tours” の共同でアメ村の三角公園のすぐ側、Terminus Osakaの屋上でフィリーチーズステーキサンドイッチとチキンシーザーサラダ、クラフトビール&日本酒のペアリングのイベントを開催いたします。

[クレジットカード (Visa/MC/AMEX)のご使用には5%の手数料がかかります]

Terminus Osakaはアメ村のど真ん中。周辺にはたくさんのクラブやバーもございます。午後7時より10時まで出入り自由です。


雨天の場合は、Terminus Osakaのバーエリア(屋内)での開催となります。

開催場所: Terminus Osaka / Sake Exploration of Kansai map
目印: 1階:Rousey (古着屋)/ 2階:Clippers(ヘアサロン)



Sake Exploration of Kansai: Facebook Page
Bonzai Beer Tours: Facebook Page
Terminus Osaka: Facebook Page

Jul 7 - Jul 8, 2017
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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Teminus Osaka
Advanced Ticket (前売り券) SOLD OUT ¥1,200
Venue Address
大阪市中央区西心斎橋2-11-18 MKUビル 3F/屋上 Japan
Sake Exploration of Kansai