Tomamu's Experts-Only Off-Piste Area

Online Registration is now available!

No more paperwork, register online NOW.

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Ski Resort has been exploring new ways
to fully enjoy the winter mountains.
One of these new ways is the "Experts-Only Off-Piste Area."

We ask riders to sign a registration form before entering the Off-Piste Area
as a expression that the rider has understood our passion to the winter mountains
and he/she is willing to share it.

The online registration would save you the time to line-up,
receive the explanation, and filling in the registration form.

[5 Simple Steps To Entering the Off-Piste Area]

1. Make an online registration by clicking the Orange Icon on the right ------>>>>
2. An email proving your registration would be sent
3. Show the email at the "Off-Piste Area Registration Desk."
4. Wear a bib & helmet
5. Ride the lift and the off-piste powder is all yours

Once the online registration is done, all you need to do is show the email
from the second visit on.

==== Tomamu's Commitment to Winter Mountains ============

Skiing and snowboarding is a sport which takes place on a winter mountains.
Riders must face the magnificent essences of nature upon enjoying the sport.

Tomamu knows that some of the essences can only be found outside the groomed slopes.
To finding and enjoy those essences, riders must understand and take into themselves
the joy, excitement, risk and danger that nature embrace in her hands.

To promote these essences, Tomamu set two missions to itself;
1.) "Joy & excitement" and "risk & danger" are not opposite phrases.
The two phrases should and can exist at the same time.
Therefore, Tomamu would continuously gather safety information and make sure
the info is delivered to the riders at the most appropriate timing.

2.) Going beyond the groomed slopes would have a certain affect to the nature
and environment of the winter mountain.
Tomamu would make sure the methods and process taken to promote the winter fun
would have the minimum impact to the mountain's nature and environment.

Mon Mar 31, 2014
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM JST
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