【2 days can change the world you’ve seen!】 A massive event with top speakers and 1200 of students& youths is coming this summer!


2 days can change the world you’ve seen!

A massive event with top speakers and 1200 of students& youths is coming this summer!

If you want to...

Contribute something to society!

Play an active role in worldwide!

Get a chance to change your life

Or just want to grow up!

For those who have these passions, either students or working adults,

We will organize such an event that you can meet first-class speakers and energetic companions in the best environment!

By going through a two-day intensive session, the world will surely look different!

Why is that
so? Because every content in the event requires multilateral and broad vision.
To be able to discuss with top level speakers, a participant needs to catch up their
thoughts and viewpoints very well.
So think thoroughly!

What should
you do and what can you do for the society and its future? What is your
definition of yourself, society, Japan and social contribution?

If you get them all, you will
surely see the world more sophisticatedly than before!

Leave the environment to us!

And just get
yourself ready!

<Why is this convention interesting?>

-------This would be two days that change your life-------

· You can exchange
& collaborate with enthusiastic companions regardless of major, area, nationality,
or generation!

· You can experience a worldwide

vision via discussion with top leaders of Japan who are playing important roles
in each field

· It will not end here. This will lead to further actions and changes

· You can directly exchange opinions with municipal governors

WEB site http: //www.jasca.me/

«Event Summary»

【Date and time】
Saturday, August 5, 2017 (Saturday)13: 00 ~ 21: 00
Sunday, August 6, 2017 (Sunday) 12: 00 ~ 19: 30

Day 1: Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel "Nichirin"

Day 2: Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center 301 - 304

800 nationwide students with ambition
200 international students in Japan
200 young professionals
100 municipal head chiefs

Mr. Toshifumi Akimoto (President of Japan Fire Defense Association)
Katsunobu Kato ( Minister, Responsible for 100 million total activities)
Mr. Kita Kari (writer)
Mr. Hiroshi Saisei (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry)
※ Titles omitted, in alphabetical order
※ The person who will be on the stage will be released as soon as it is confirmed.
※ When they get urgent public service, they may not be able to be in the stage.

Writing utensils & notes

100 Million Total Activities & Local Creation <Student / Youth> National Convention in Yokohama Executive Committee
General Association of National Student Cooperation Organization (JASCA)

«2 days flow»
Day 1 ... "Grasp your own success from words of active leaders"
/ Lecture / Dialogue with leader / Presentation / Panel Discussion
"Social gathering"
"Special Night Session: Summer Night's Hot Talk"

Day 2 ... "Formation of communities beyond fields, age and region"
/ Video Message / Discussion / Networking session

WEB site ⇒ http://www.jasca.me/

--------- Thinking on planning ---------

One hundred million total achievements <Students / Youth> National Convention in Yokohama
Student Representative Tomohiro Matsushima

"I will not be a loser!"

Internal and external illness or troubles.

Looking at the domestic side of Japan, there is no enumeration in the word which can have despair to the future as a result of the declining birthrate, the annihilation of the provinces due to hollowing out of the industry, the successive business slumps of electric machinery manufacturers used to lead the Japanese economy after the war and the future. In my local Kiryu city in Gunma prefecture in Japan, the toy shop which I went through when I was little, tatami shops and the arcade streets made up well also line up the shutters.

Meanwhile, the balance of power of the international community has begun to move towards the next equilibrium point, and the International affair of Asian countries? also becomes unstable.

Our students and young people live happily and unfortunately in such unfortunate times. It may be possible to accept the worst ending as a fate and to think and prepare only for their own safety. Also, you can turn your eyes away from reality and do your utmost to enjoy your daily life.

However, why, I am driven by the strong impulse "" against the worst result. The spirit of "Do not lose!" is my driving force that thoroughly carries out what to do to defend the homeland and hometown Japan.

There will be times when the times will push back furiously to us who confront the challenges of the times. Often the challenge ends in failure. Nevertheless, I will continue to do just what I should do in order to create the next generation of Japan with such a spirit “Do not lose”

Fortunately, there is a developed technology in modern times. With the help of technology, we can concentrate on what we need to do.

Unclear to create such a student - a group of young people who has a spirit of "losing!", recognizes periodical tasks, and runs what to do in their own environment, so hard .

Aug 5 - Aug 6, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM JST
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1日目 横浜ベイシェラトンホテル 「日輪」 2日目 パシフィコ横浜会議センター301~304
General participation (event + social gathering) SOLD OUT ¥5,362
Full commit (Event + Banquet + Special Night Session) SOLD OUT ¥6,412
Event participation (Event only) SOLD OUT ¥3,259
Venue Address
横浜市西区北幸1-3-23 Japan