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左脳と右脳をうまく使うためのワークショップです。ベストプラクティクスを通して持続可能なイノベーションを実現するためにどうするのか、ヨーロッパでstart upトレイナーをしていEmanuele Musaと学びます。

This is a brain storming workshop for how to use the creative essences with Emanuele Musa who is a start up trainer based in Europe.


*3500円 軽い軽食付き


The workshop is divided into 4 parts:

1. School of Startup :
>> Lean Start-Up Principles: Lean vs. traditional strategic planning; value vs waste, validated Learning, key startups corollaries, customer discovery and validation, how to test the key assumptions, uncovering the customers archetype, pivoting, Value Proposition Canvas, Minimum Viable Product, key performance indicators, the funnel, Split testing, Lean Canvas (Ash Maurya), the Business Model Canvas (Alexander Osterwalder).
>> The paradigm shift (15 min): the importance of communities, co-creating value with customers and supporters, crowd-sourcing, the power of openness and open-source.

2. Business Modeling : participants will use the Babele open innovation platform to structure their business model and unveil their key business assumptions. The necessary theoretical knowledge is introduced to enable a clear understanding of each question. Attendees will be given 1 minute per question: the goal is to focus on key words.

3. Hypotheses Validation : participants will be split in groups of 4 people and each individual project is given 15 minutes to present his business model to the rest of the group. Entrepreneurs will benefit from the other start-ups open feedback to draw the most effective strategy to validate key business assumptions and build their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Mentors will facilitate the collaborative process guiding the debate towards the creation of solutions which can address the start-ups challenges.

4. Elevator’s Pitch: Participants will have 120 seconds to present their idea and receive feedback from the panel of experts and investors.


Emanuele Musa

Emanuele is an international startup trainer, Founder & CEO at Babele. A very analytical individual with an engineering and business background as well as proven experience in consulting, data analysis and business modeling. Previous work experience includes: Program management for Procter & Gamble in Paris, financial analysis at the Fund Manager "AE Global Investment Solutions ltd" in London, strategic analysis at Bombardier Transportation in Brussels, strategy consulting at Advention Business Partners in Paris and management consulting for IBM Global Business Services in Paris.

Ruxandra Creosteanu

Ruxandra is cofounder at Babele and startup consultants. She graduated in International Management at the European School of Management ESCP (Paris - London - Berlin). Highly numerate, has strong analytical background and attitude for proactive problem solving. Ruxandra speaks fluently 5 languages further compounded by excellent communication and presentation skills. Previous work experience includes: director for Carrefour and manager consultant within the sustainability team at Deloitte.

Fri Feb 7, 2014
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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目黒区青葉台3−3−11 みどり荘 Japan