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Digital Marketing – Are You Missing Out?

If you think digital marketing has nothing to offer your small business, think again. At last estimate, more than 60% of all online shoppers began their transaction with a general search. That means they were unclaimed customers who were open to finding new businesses offering the product or service they needed.

But, it’s not just online shoppers that are up for grabs. Recent statistics show that more than 81% of all shoppers research a product or service online before making a purchase, whether that purchase is online or at a brick and mortar establishment.

That’s a large pool of potential customers and clients you may be missing out on if you fail to have an internet marketing strategy. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, let’s look at what else internet marketing can do for your small business.

In This 4-Days Digital Marketing Workshop, You Will Learn To:

1.Reach More People

Digital marketing makes it possible for your business to reach more potential customers, and your reach is only limited by your ambitions. A local mom and pop restaurant, for example, can use the internet to promote their business using local SEO strategies, and build their reputation as the best eatery in town. Driving customers to their doors through mobile searches and online reviews.

2.Build Relationships

But digital marketing isn’t just about increasing your customer base, it’s also about building long term relationships with those customers, using techniques such as social media marketing. Client retention is one of the keys to growth, and inbound marketing is a vital component. It can start with something as simple as a confirmation email after a purchase, and extend to building an online community through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3.Leverage Social Media Even Further

Social media has become an increasing important part of any successful marketing strategy, especially when social signals are used with SEO. It provides a unique opportunity for small business to increase their online visibility, establish their brand, and drive traffic to a primary website where leads can be converted to customers.

4.Target Your Audience and Your Advertisements

A large part of digital marketing is data collection and research. You know what your customers are buying, how often they are making purchases, and what areas of your website they visit most often. This data can be used to personalize the customer’s web experience, keeping the products and services they are interested foremost in their minds and allowing you to make actionable suggests as to future purchases.

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