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What's VOIP?

Voip can be a new technology and process that has widespread use today. English is a word received by capitalizing the language "Voice Over Internet Protocol". Voip means that voice signals in calls are moved over internet data collections. Simply speaking, it means that you can make calls over the internet for free with fixed lines or cell phones or for less.

What're the features of using Voip ?

1-Cost: Provides a treatment for the problem of high telephone payment in businesses which have a lot of employees, who've many employees, and conditions where frequent offshore negotiations are essential.

2-Security: In the world where phone listening functions are becoming increasingly prevalent, this problem could be solved by voip. Since in voip technology, analog audio signals are converted into digital data signals.

3- Style, text sign and video: the goal of Voip would be to send voice signals, but nowadays video video and texts can be given for the other part you might say included using the voice signals.

4 - Voip Mobile: Voip is now simple to use via android and iOS systems.

Voip work's logic and use

Voip assists in two other ways.

1- A closed voip network that only needs voip device and internet connection to fulfill specific places and individuals. This is a price-lowering approach that is usually used between branches of a company. However, it is not possible to negotiate with this process with outside lines.

2- The voip system useful for negotiations with both our personal VoIP system and other outside lines (abroad, domestic fixed-lines and cell phones). To be able to utilize this technique, we first must login towards the organization delivering the username to this service and code about the SIP Server. Then, the desired calls could be made. This service is not completely free. Chomar will automatically do these things for you all. You simply need to obtain the application form and install the credit.

Chomar permits you to make cheap telephone calls to look for anybody over 3G / 4G information systems and WiFi without the need for any mobile minutes.

With the big agent community that Chomar has, it's the cheapest way to talk on the highest quality road.
What's unique about other mobile voice over ip applications? We began with work before work with all the key providers on the planet. Since 2004 we have been holding millions of minutes of traffic every day with over three hundred employees.

Our sophisticated range selection and routing process (which chooses which watch will be more useful than which owner) considers 1000s of calls at the moment and finds the best option operator for your contact and makes calls without even noticing. You'll see crystal-quality sound each time you notice it.

Your second main energy is our technical group that handles ecommerce. With your advanced System Operation Center (NOC) heart, your calls are the best to the quality of your mobile point.

Evolving voip technology now presents us a good conversation also at low connection speeds. Using the practices written by all of US, we also support the voice transmission in Chomar, so you may still talk at 2G rather than internet 3G / 4G if you come in a minimal casting location. Ofcourse we recommend that you possess a minimum 3G for the best audio quality.

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