Exercises in Empathy (part of Festival for Good)

Join the Skillseed team to explore hands-on ways to cultivate both individual and collective empathy, discuss the role of empathy in volunteerism and the social impact sphere, and develop better techniques to prepare volunteers for service-learning or CSR experiences.

Based on years of experience running experiential learning courses for social impact all over the world, we've found the need to equip our volunteers with empathy to be an urgent one. Volunteers able to leverage socio-emotional intelligence to interact, learn from and serve communities appropriately will reduce misunderstandings amongst stakeholders and are more likely to successfully achieve the objectives of their social impact project.

This Event would be ideal for:

  • School educators and administrators who manage Values-in-Action (VIA) projects, Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) projects and/or Community Involvement Projects (CIP)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Managers of corporations who prepare staff for volunteering stints
  • Teachers-in-charge of social entrepreneurship curriculum or projects in their school
  • School Guidance or Career Counsellors who are interested to include social sector internships for their students
  • Individuals engaged in facilitation work, formally or informally!
  • Anyone interested in exploring their capacity for empathy, or facilitating experiences that cultivate empathy in others

We will only run the session if we reach a minimum of 12 participants and charge a humble fee to cover refreshments and materials. Participants will be refunded in the event that the session does not hit the minimum number required. We will cap the event at a maximum of 24 participants to allow more time for an in-depth discussion.

Things to Take Note Of:
  • Our location: Our entrance is a blue, foldable gate beside 1 Tyrwhitt Cafe and Bistro and we are located on the 3rd level which is the topmost floor (climbing of stairs required - participants with mobility issues might find this an issue). You will see our Skillseed logo on the door located to the left end of the corridor.
  • What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be sitting on our (clean) office floor during the Empathy Exercise and the discussion session. We do not encourage the wearing of short skirts or restrictive clothing.
  • What does your $3.5 go towards? For workshop materials and light refreshments as this is a not-for-profit event.

About Skillseed

Skillseed is a local social enterprise that crafts and curates experiential learning courses for social impact in partnership with experts and community organizations, globally. Our vision is to achieve a flourishing social ecosystem by nurturing a generation of socially conscious and skilled volunteers especially amongst youths, while empowering our fellow community organizations through fair-trade collaborations in our courses.

Since 2013, we have run social impact courses in over 10 countries, generated over 10,000 skilled volunteering hours and channeled over SGD 150,000 to our global community partners. We are the selected training partners for programs of esteemed organizations such as raiSE (Singapore Center for Social Enterprise), SPD (Serving People with Disabilities) and more.

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Fri Aug 25, 2017
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
1B Tyrwhitt Road Singapore
Our entrance is a blue, foldable gate beside 1 Tyrwhitt Cafe & Bistro. We are the leftmost unit on the 3rd level (the top floor); we regret that there is no lift and participants with mobility issues will face severe challenges.