Path of Exile 2.6 SSF Rf Totem Progression

Here at r4pg.com/path-of-exile, we love to offer you guys a safe and cheap place to buy Path Of Exile Currency online. But we also love to play the game ourselves and have a couple of guys in the office who are pretty hardcore when it comes to POE.

Well, hardcore is certainly what you have to be in you want to try your luck in an SSF style game! This is a mode that you can easily switch on or off and it certainly makes things a heck of a lot different. MMORPG’s are known for you having to interact with other players and NPC’s to progress through the game. But when you play the game in SSF mode, you throw all of that away.

There is not making a party or even trading in this mode! If you fancy yourself as a lone wolf who can get through the game on their own without any help then this mode could be ideal for you. Just be warned it is hard as hell and will certainly require you to really think about the kind of character you create to take this on.

If you want a little advice then we suggest you check out this video from YouTuber, Phox Kappa who is working through an SSF game and doing a pretty good job in doing so. You can get some great tips here and also give yourself a bit better of an idea of what to expect if you try to play Path Of Exile in this way.

Have any of your guys tried playing POE in SSF? If so we would love to hear how it went in the comments section and as always if you need cheap Path Of Exile Orbs, we are here to help you out. more info on https://tackk.com/05tpj9

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