Functional Javascript Programming in Node.js


This introductory workshop is targeted for beginners in programming or newcomers to Node.js. In this workshop you are going to learn to write server-side web applications in Javascript using Node.js.

Node.js has quite different programming styles than other programming languages. You will learn about these different styles, particularly asynchronous programming, and discover functional programming patterns that help you write beautiful code.

Following are the topics that will be covered:

Programming Concepts
- Higher order function
- Asynchronous programming
- Continuation passing style
- Error handling
- Functional programming patterns
- Class and prototype

Node.js Concepts
- Stream
- Request and response
- Event emitter
- Module
- Npm

Brief mentions
- Express and Meteor
- Promise
- Generator
- Koa

By the end of the workshop you should be able to write simple web applications such as static file server. You should have much better understanding on how things work in Node.js and be able to use Node libraries like Express correctly in the next steps.

Class is capped at a maximum of 20 participants.

Your instructor, Soares Chen, is a backend developer and has been doing web development in various languages since 2003. For the past two years he has been focusing mostly on Node.js, and he codes in Java, C/C++, and Python.

He has created a Node.js library called Quiver.js, which is a server-side component system for writing modular web applications. Right now he is working on the server backend of a new music app called ScoreCloud, which is written using Node.js and Quiver.js.

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Sat Jan 18, 2014
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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