Ebiz Workshop III

How To Speak Persuasively to Get 3X More Sales In 30 Days Or Less

Interested in learning how to speak so that you can influence and persuade?

To get people excited about what you have to offer?

So that you can gather more agreement, make more sales, create more possibilities?

The #1 Reason why most business owners are stuck is because they are not able to persuade, or convince their customers about the true value of their products and services.

Often times, you may have gotten sales appointments, but you end up fumbling at the finish line, and end up losing the customer…. Often forever.

So this is a follow up event to the previous "Writing To Persuade To Maximise Sales" event on 15th January 2013.

Most business owners are unsure of what to say, when in front of prospects.

Join Imran for a 1 night only event, where he will be sharing the following:

What to say before, during and after the sales appointments, so that you can maximise the chances of closing a sale

  • How to speak so that you "position" your business better against competitors
  • Ways to gain the trust of your customers so they end up buying more, and earlier
  • How to build rapport with your prospects
  • How to "frame" your prices so that they look like a bargain compared to the rest of the competitors
  • Discover how to "anchor" your value in the eyes of your prospects, during the sales conversation
  • Find out how I use the little-known "cash register roll" method to wow my prospects, and close them without talking much
  • Use the 6 weapons of influence in your speaking, so that readers will feel compelled to buy more
  • Uncover the hidden secrets of Buyer Psychology, and how to speak to appeal to these buyers and cause them to whip out their credit cards
  • How to speak so that your customers accept your words with authority and expertise
BONUS module: Learn how to speak in front of an audience to gain their trust, and how to ask for sales at the end without seeming "salesy" or pushy.

If being able to drastically increase your chances to create the outcome that you want just because you are able to speak in a structured, persuasive manner is something you desire for yourself, join us in the third series of the Ebiz Workshop - Speak to Persuade and learn so much more in this content packed 3 hour event, held for 1 night only, on the 15 Feb 2014!


About the Speakers

Imran Md Ali

Imran is the founder of 5 successful businesses, in the fields of art, sports, publishing, education, and also consulting. He credits his ability of building businesses from scratch to his learned expertise in being persuasive and compelling in his marketing communications with customers.

Imran believes that the power of persuasion is something that ALL business owners can learn and benefit from in 2014.

Imran is also a published author of 2 books, and is also co-creator of Kaizen Business Principles with Brian Tracy.

Imran will also be joined by another renowned speaker, Hazriq Idrus

Hazriq Idrus

Hazriq Idrus,who is no stranger to the acting scene in Singapore, will be showing how you can use "theatric-style" speaking to gain trust and influence others.

Hazriq is an author, speaker, workshop leader and facilitator. As the Founder of The Speaking Factory, Hazriq helps audience develops creative and speaking confidence leveraging on theatre-based tools and techniques. He believes that drama is a good personal development training ground. Combining his acting for stage & television experiences and having worked in various capacities in the areas of customer service, events management, youths & corporate training, Hazriq fuses drama activities in all of his training delivery to bring life to learning.

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Sat Feb 15, 2014
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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SMU School of Business, Seminar Room 1-2
Admission SOLD OUT $15.00
Venue Address
50 Stamford Road Singapore 178899 Singapore
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