Experience the World of 2030 with The SDGs Card Game!!


Experience the World of 2030 with The SDGs Card Game!!

Have you heard of the SDGs? These are the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015, and Japan’s government and business sector have both begun to take them on seriously.

This card game was developed last year by Japanese company Imacocollabo, and it has already been played by many organizations, communities and schools in Japanese (one SDGs Card Game event got more than 800 likes on Facebook!). It was featured last month on the news program World Business Satellite on TV Tokyo, so it is becoming quite well-known.

Soon this game is going to spread all over the world—but you will be the first to experience this very first event conducted in English.

Whether you are interested in SDGs or in creating a sustainable world, whether you want to organize an event related to SDGs, or you just want to enjoy a card game, everyone is welcome!

Join us!!

■ Date & Time:

Friday, June 30 2017

19:00-21:30 (Starts at exactly 19:00 sharp. Please arrive by 18:50)

Note: If you miss the rules of the card game, you will be unable to properly enjoy the game. Please be in time at 19:00.

■ Access:

Room1, Kyobashi Kuminkan (京橋区民館)

2-6-7 Kyobashi Chuo-ku Tokyo (東京都中央区京橋2丁目67)

Two minute walk from Kyobashi station

Google map-> https://goo.gl/maps/yJ6CC2vvhg52

■ Participation fee


■ Schedule

19:00-20:30 Play SDGs Card Game

20:30-21:30 Sharing and Reflection

■ Enrollment

Purchase tickets at Peatix

■ Cancellation Policy and Receipts

Please contact us via Peatix. Cancellation may require a service charge.

Receipts can be downloaded via Peatix->https://goo.gl/Ie0GtE

■ Participants say:

"I have played similar business card games, but this was different. This game showed me that if I want prosperity I need to act not only in my own self-interest but also in other's-interest. I felt great after the game."

"I discovered that my thinking and my actions will change only if I can change my focus from myself to the world around me, on levels such as finance, society, and the environment . A great game!"

" Despite it being just a card game, I realized a lot of things. I felt connected to all the players even though I didn’t speak to all of them. It felt like an experience of sensing and sharing the earth."

"I used to focus on each of the SDGs separately. But after I experienced the game, I really felt how every goal was connected to the others. I want to hold this game at my company."

■ Other Information

-What are the SDGs?


-What does playing the game look like? (3 min. YouTube video)


-What are the 17 goals and 169 targets?


-What are the Sustainable Development Goals? (2 min. YouTube video)



Imacocollabo https://english.imacocollabo.or.jp/

■ Facilitator/Organizer


Co-founder, Imacocollabo

Joined IBM Japan as a new graduate in 1996. He worked in Japan, England for 3 years and China managing. In China he managed 1000+ Chinese. He also experienced He received the best performer of the year in IBM business consulting services in 2007.

Although he made a lot of achievements in global environment, he recognized "excessive capitalism” went too far and it became too much shareholders oriented with a quarter cycle operation. People have to run and run to meet their goals and next goals come in quarter. This cycle doesn't satisfy anybody including himself, his subordinates, organization, company and society. He decided to leave IBM to find different possibility of management and leadership to make the world enjoyable and sustainable.

He started a company called CCC, Co-Creation Creators which means everybody can be a creator to realize his own life and world from inner source and he provides facilitation to organizations and leadership training in diverse teams in corporations. He co-founded Imacocollabo with his partner who developed SDGs' card game in 2016 and he expands his interest to transforming the world.

Takeo Inamura

Chairman of Imacocollabo

Takeo started his business career in 1999. He has a wide range of experience, including launching start-up companies and international subsidiaries.

In 2012, he joined Doors Co., Ltd. as Executive Vice President and COO, where he was engaged in the creation of innovative talent development methods. His contribution includes the international training program by Doors which won the Best Professional Award by Japan’s Human Resourse Department (Nihon no Jinji Bu).

Through the experience of facilitating business similation games, Takeo realized the power of positive approach that uses games as a tool. Thus, in 2015, he established Imacocollabo with his belief that the ‘game x positive approach’ can be enormously effective for the social systems, which has been his main interest since his 20s.

Skip Swanson

Skip Swanson is a coach, mentor, and trainer with over 15 years of coaching experience and over 25 years of experience in the helping fields. His coaching work focuses on developing conscious leadership and personal mastery skills, including the skills of personal integrity, emotional and body wisdom, cross-cultural sensitivity, and resonant communication in both one-on-one relationships and groups. Skip’s training allows him to adapt his approach to his clients’ needs.

As a bilingual personal coach and trainer, he has also been teaching and coaching to Japanese speaking clients since 2000. Now he continues this work in collaboration with the Conscious Leadership Group in the US (http://conscious.is), and the Global Leadership Community in Japan (http://glcafe.asia).

Skip has coached CEOs, managers, doctors, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners—diverse people from multiple countries and backgrounds. He is a committed supporter of several organizations and corporations that have committed to become conscious leaders in their field, in their internal corporate culture as well as in the areas of environmental and social justice.

In addition to coaching, Skip is a Director of the WakuPro Foundation (http://www.pdwc.jp/en_index.html), an organization dedicated to providing intercultural and leadership development opportunities to high school students around the world.

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Fri Jun 30, 2017
6:40 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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Two minute walk from Kyobashi station