Behavioural Change: Breaking Bad


“A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time”
- Mark Twain

Habits are the things we think or do regularly - patterns of behaviour that over time become ‘hard-wired’ into our brains as subconscious thoughts or actions. Good habits - like brushing your teeth, working out, or house chores - tend to become part of our daily routine. The same may be true of bad habits - smoking, overspending, excessive drinking, or checking Facebook 20 times a day - which can be destructive to our lives and a hindrance to accomplishing goals. They are taxing on our mental health and physical wellbeing because they suck both time and energy. So why do we still do them? Where do bad habits come from? Are we born with our bad habits? Or do we acquire them from our surroundings and experiences?

Most bad habits are caused by two things: Stress and Boredom. Certain beliefs or external influences can also have an impact on our thoughts and behaviour - this takes time and being honest with yourself to uncover. Some of the most common factors underlying bad habits include feelings of insecurity, fear of missing out or self-limiting beliefs. But with persistence and positive intentionality, anyone can replace a bad habit with a good one. The first step to ‘breaking bad’ is self-awareness - uncovering the reasons behind our bad habits and deciding that our desire for change is greater than the comfort of sticking to habits that don’t serve us.

Join us for this month’s Change Talk with our panelists Imran Mohamed, Kestrel Lee, and Kenneth Oh to hear:

  • Inspiring stories of changing personal habits and behaviours
  • How our habits impact our personal lives and overall wellbeing
  • Tips, tools and insights for breaking bad habits and sticking to better ones

Join us for this month’s Change Talks on Behavioural Change: Breaking Bad.

More on our speakers

Kestrel Lee is a Shanghai-based Executive Creative Director for e-commerce, integrated and digital marketing with 17 years of proven expertise in social e-commerce, social media, search (SEO / SEM), gaming, video and mobile advertising. He has won over 100 digital and integrated awards at One Show and Spikes Asia, to name a few. Kestrel is an influential industry speaker at digital conferences in Asia Pacific and digital advisor/trainer to Unilever, LVMH and L’Oreal Paris in China and Asia

Imran Mohamad is an Amazon bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and international speaker. He helps entrepreneurs add 6 figures to their business in 12 months with his Fast Business Growth program. Imran has been obsessed for more than 10 years with exploding the growth of businesses. Going from business debt to just under $500K turnover in less than 2 years, he now helps entrepreneurs do the same.

Kenneth is a relationship coach who partners with individuals in their journey to expand an understanding of their journey to discovering the realm of love and relationships. As a professional certified coach (accredited by the International Coach Federation) for the last 7 years, Kenneth will walk you through the pits and heights of relationships to help you balance career success and building beautiful relationships.

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