Singapore's Ultimate Food Tour


This is not just an eating tour. There’s plenty of eating involved yes. But it is also about our beloved wet markets and hawker centres, the origins and heritage of our foods such as aromatic sock coffee, flavourful belachan and crispy roti prata. You will first visit a hawker centre to sample the best local dishes. Next, your chief Aaron will introduce you to the local ingredients that are used to create the aromatic Singaporean dishes.

Thereafter, we will proceed to visit two family-run shop/factory to get behind-the-scenes knowledge of the local food industry. You also will get to gain knowledge of eating customs of the Chinese, Malays and Indians. More eating will be involved before you roll up your sleeves to try your very own popiah rolling cum lunch session. End off this satisfying food tour with a beloved sweet local dessert - the putu piring that will be made right before your eyes.

Join us for a knowledgeable food tour that will fill your belly at the same time.

+ Get to know the spices used in aromatic local dishes while walking through the humble wet market
+ Visit two family-run shop/factory to get a behind-the-scenes of the local food industry
+ Hands-on popiah rolling cum lunch session
+ Unlimited dessert at a famous dessert stall

So come with an empty belly and a thirst for an in-depth food journey of Singaporean Food!

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Thu Jun 1, 2017
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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1 Geylang Serai (Geylang Serai Market) Singapore 402001
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1 Geylang Serai (Geylang Serai Market) Singapore 402001 Singapore
The Great Singapore Food Tour