The Happiness Circle #5


Someone once said that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. While our fears can serve to protect or harm us, they have a very strong hold over our lives. Our fears affect our emotions, actions, decisions and ultimately, our destiny.

Should I start that business I've always dreamed about? Do I go over to talk to that cute girl across the room? What if I embarrass myself on stage?

At Happiness Circle sessions, we pause from our busy lives and stop to reflect on the questions that matter. In our fifth session, we explore the deep seated fears we have that are preventing us from experiencing more joy, fulfillment and love in our lives.

When we are aware of them, we can let them go. With freedom from fear comes joy.


About The Happiness Circle:

Every first Friday of the month, we gather for small group conversations around topics of happiness, fulfillment and meaning. Come experience an evening of reflection, self-awareness and cultivate a genuine connection with other like-minded souls. In this space, we can begin small steps in our daily practice towards living a life of purpose and joy.

Fri Jun 2, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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40 Jalan Pemimpin #02-01, Tat Ann Building, Singapore 577185
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40 Jalan Pemimpin #02-01, Tat Ann Building, Singapore 577185 Singapore
3 mins walk from Marymount Mrt
The Happiness Circle