Asian Scientist x PHD Comics: Where Art & Science Collide!

Are you tired of being a starving grad student and wondering if it's possible to be a non-starving artist?

Here's your chance to meet Jorge Cham, the brains behind
PHD Comics, a wildly-popular comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in academia.

Jorge, who has a
PhD in robotics from Stanford University, will be speaking at a public masterclass on science communications on 8 July 2017, from 2 to 4.30pm at Singapore Management University's Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium.

Brought to you by
Asian Scientist Magazine, the talk will cover the following:
  • How Jorge broke out of academia into the world of comics, books, online TV and movies.

  • How to turn doodling not just into a viable career, but a media empire.

  • How to effectively communicate challenging, technical concepts to a layman audience.

  • How science needs art, and vice versa.
If you've ever read PHD Comics and said, "that's me!" or secretly pined for a life outside the windowless lab, come attend Jorge's first-ever public talk in Singapore.

Geeks and non-geeks alike are welcome!

About PHD Comics

"Piled Higher and Deeper" (PHD) is the comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in academia.

The strip has appeared in The Stanford Daily, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University and Caltech newspapers among over 50 others.

Other publications include the journal Nature, Science Magazine, the Chronicle of Higher Education, IEEE Potentials magazine, Math Horizons magazine, Stanford Magazine and Canada's The Peer Review magazine among others, and has been linked to by USA Today's, The NY Times and The Washington Post's websites.

The Author, Jorge Cham

Jorge Cham is the creator of "PHD Comics", the ongoing comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in Academia.

To date, five collections of the strips have been published: "Piled Higher and Deeper: A Graduate Student Comic Strip Collection" was first published in June 2002, and collects the first five years of the strip; "Life is tough and then you graduate: The second collection of Piled Higher and Deeper comic strips" was published in April 2005, and collects the sixth, seventh and eight years; "Scooped! The Third Piled Higher and Deeper Comic Strip Collection" was published in April 2007. "Academic Stimulus Package was published in 2009. The fifth collection, "Adventures in Thesisland" was published in April 2012. The books are available on Amazon.com, on this website, and in bookstores throughout the U.S.

In May this year, Jorge had also teamed up with particle physicist Daniel Whiteson to publish a guide book, "We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown Universe", explaining everything we don't know about the Universe, from Cosmic Rays and Dark Matter to time travel and the Big Bang.

Jorge is also the co-founder of PHDtv, a video science and discovery outreach collaborative, and a founding board member of Endeavor College Prep, a non-profit school for kids in East L.A.

He earned his Ph.D. in Robotics from Stanford University and was a full-time Instructor and Research Associate at Caltech from 2003-2005. He is originally from Panama.

Since 2005, Jorge Cham has given invited lectures at nearly 300 universities and research centers worldwide.

About the Organizer

Asian Scientist Magazine was founded to be the definitive source of news and information from the Asian scientific community.

The print and online publication Asian Scientist Magazine was launched in 2011 by the company, Asian Scientist Publishing Pte. Ltd. Based in Singapore, the company launched in January 2014 a print magazine that is widely circulated across Asia.

The Asian Scientist Magazine is dedicated to providing researchers, healthcare professionals, government agencies, educators and students with timely, close-to-the-scene news about science and technology in Asia. One-quarter of the world’s publications are from Asia and one-third of all scientific researchers worldwide are Asian.

Asian Scientist reaches out to all scientists and general readers in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

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