Feel the Buddhism Culture in Gifu City


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“Feel the Buddhism Culture in Gifu City”


February 11th (Tue), 11:00am3:40pm


Fee: 4,000JPY Tax and Lunch included

Meeting at: Bus Stop 11at JR Gifu Station

Maximum Capacity: 10 people

The program will be conducted mainly in English.

Tour Details

1. Gifu Shoho-ji Daibutsu 正法寺 岐阜大仏

Gifu Shoho-ji Temple enshrines the largest dry lacquer statue of Buddha in Japan. The Great Statue of BuddhaGifu Daibutsu was completed in 1832, 38years after the priest Ichu (the temple’s 11th generation priest) decided to construct the statue.

2. Zazen at Gifu Zenko-ji Temple 岐阜善光寺で座禅体験

Gifu Zenko-ji was founded in 1582 when Nobunaga brought the Zenko-ji Nyorai from Shinshu. You can learn the correct procedure when visiting a temple and practice zazen. Zazen can increase concentration while de-creasing stress and anxiety.

Lunch: Enjoy box lunch prepared by local caterer

昼食: 仕出し弁当をご用意しています

3. Gilding at Buddhist Alter Shop 藤井佛檀で金箔貼り体験

Fujii Butsudan, found in 1865, specializes in selling and restoring Buddhist altars and their fittings. You can learn a variety of Buddhist Deities as well as the different altar styles between sects. You will also experience gilding techniques used to decorate certain types of altars.

We will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring during the tour. So please join our tour at your own risk. お客様のツアーへの参加に伴う事故・けが等に対する責任は負いかねますので、自己責任によるご参加をお願いいたします。

This program is supported by Agency for Cultural AffairsJapanese Government. 本プログラムは、平成25年度文化芸術振興費補助金(文化遺産を生かした地域活性化事業)により運営されています。

Tue Feb 11, 2014
11:00 AM - 3:40 PM JST
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JR Gifu Station
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岐阜市橋本町1 Japan
Bus Stop 11 at JR Gifu Station
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