Visit Traditional Shops in Gifu City

Experience Gifu Tour

Experience Gifu Tour

“Visit Traditional Shops in Gifu City”

February 15th (Sat), 9:00am4:00pm

Fee: 4,200JPY Tax included

Meeting at: Bus Stop 11at JR Gifu Station

Maximum Capacity: 8people

The program will be conducted mainly in English.

Tour Details

1. Yubayu Shoten 湯葉勇商店

Established in 1867, Yubayu has been specializing in producing and selling fresh and dry Yuba (tofu skin). They use specially selected domestic soybeans and the underflow water from the clear Nagara River. You can observe the Yuba production processes.

2. The Minoyaki Pottery Guide at Nagara Tobo Ceramics


Nagara Tobo Ceramics was established in 2003 by the Master Potter, Shinji Majita. Specializing in the Mino-yaki style pottery, he has inherited and maintains its traditional techniques such as Shino and Oribe. The program offers you a detailed explanation about Japanese pottery and how minoyaki is crafted.

3. Yamakawa Jozo 山川醸造

Established in 1943, Yamakawa Jozo is a producer of natural miso and soy sauce located by the clear Nagara River. Using traditional methods, old-fashioned cedar barrels and the underflow water of the river, they produce various products such as Tamari soy sauce.

You can join an exciting and informative tour of their factory.

Enjoy Lunch at Local Restaurants around Yanagase

4. Experience the world of Wagashi at Okinaya Sohonpo


 Okinaya Sohonpo is a family-run specialty shop for traditional Japanese sweets called Wagashi. The program offers you a detailed explanation about Wagashi as well as an opportunity to try your hand at the final processes of making 3 kinds of sweets.

We will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring during the tour. So please join our tour at your own risk. お客様のツアーへの参加に伴う事故・けが等に対する責任は負いかねますので、自己責任によるご参加をお願いいたします。

This program is supported by Agency for Cultural AffairsJapanese Government. 本プログラムは、平成25年度文化芸術振興費補助金(文化遺産を生かした地域活性化事業)により運営されています。

Sat Feb 15, 2014
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM JST
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Bus Stop 11 at JR Gifu Station
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岐阜市橋本町1 Japan
Bus Stop 11at JR Gifu Station
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