The Chekhov Cycle: Ivanov

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"No, Doctor, there are too many gears, screws and valves in all of us to judge at first glance, or two or three external signs. I don't understand you, you don't understand me, and we don't understand ourselves".

For the first time, Chekhov's words are being given a Singaporean voice in the most unlikeliest of spaces. This site- specific, multiracial, multilingual premiere of a classic that has traveled through time to reveal how we struggle to maintain ourselves in today.

Venue: Lepark on People's Park Complex Rooftop
Duration: 2 hours
Adapted and devised by 5toMidnight Singapore
Supported by NAC MATCHBOX and Tote Board Arts Fund


5toMidnight is an international network of theater collectives that train under a single ethos. The collective has established branches in Indonesia and Taiwan, the maiden production of the Singapore branch is the first installment in a five- part series of Chekhov's major works adapted into a single, connected universe.

5toMidnight has taken a classic Russian play,and contextualized it for a Singaporean audience to examine how one man battles against the pressures of how difficult it is to be anything less than a model citizen in Singapore. Performed at what used to be the abandoned rooftop carpark of people's Park Complex, courtesy of Lepark, The Chekhov Cycle: Ivanov is a painful portrait of the struggle to survive in one of the most underrated venues of Singaporean nightlife. We've settled the logistical stuff, but we need your help to make sure we can eat!

We believe in community engagement in the creation of the work, while keeping prices as low as possible, to support large-scale, yet relevant work. Chekhov's major works have never been done in Singapore to the local taste, and in the local context, despite being a legendary playwright of the 20th century.

Come have a night out with us and then Lepark afterwards with the team!

Much love,
5toMidnight Singapore
Mon Jun 12, 2017
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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Lepark, People's Park Complex Rooftop
Standard SOLD OUT $25.00
Venue Address
Lepark, People's Park Complex Rooftop, Chinatown, Singapore Singapore