Breath Magic and Meditation


Breath Magic is a mindful breathing process that helps you release stress within the body, mind and spirit. In this part of the workshop you will release psychic weight that may cause you to experience inner conflict, emotional confusion or frustrations in relationships. You will learn tools and techniques to remove heaviness and stuck emotions.

Meditation improves your quality of life by deepening your understanding and inner freedom. It teaches you to let go of stressful emotions and thoughts so you can be fully present and alive in each moment. It has an impact on your physical, emotional and mental health because it supports inner well-being and empowerment.

In this Breath Magic and Meditation workshop, you will get a hands-on experience of powerful breath work and meditation that will reconnect you to your deepest inner source. You will learn how to manage on-going stress through simple techniques that will guide you to improved mindfulness and self-mastery so that you feel more peaceful and happy

About your facilitators:
Ian Jin Yap is a guide, storyteller and facilitator who works with clients who experience anxiety and want to move on from difficult life challenges. He helps his clients believe in themselves and find answers so that they can feel hopeful again, at peace and happy. When he

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn is a coach for women who want to deepen their personal and spiritual journey. They're looking for real freedom, understanding and guidance from their inner wisdom. She helps them gain perspective and clarity on their life situations so they can make decisions on the next steps that lead to a life of fulfilment and greater meaning.. Find out more about her at www.visionarypassages.com.

Fri May 12, 2017
7:15 PM - 7:55 PM SGT
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Suntec Concourse Level 3. 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593 Singapore
Michelle Ayn Tessensohn